Day 20, Ascension Church & Holy Trinity Stand for Life!

This morning was a beautiful morning to stand for life!  Thanks to Shift Manager Marie, and three faithful witnesses from Ascension Roman Catholic Church in Ingram!

Lindsay, Chuck and Beth from Ascension
Beth and Marie

I arrived for the second half of the morning shift, and relieved my “Shift Manager Buddy”, Marie.  Beth, Chuck and I prayed and witnessed…Chuck and I distributed pro-life literature.  About 3 girls who were attempting to go to Planned Parenthood accepted the literature from me.  One girl took the information, and when she couldn’t get in the door to Planned Parenthood, left with the literature in her hand.  The other two girls took the literature into the clinic.  It was a very quiet morning.  One man with his young daughter stopped to take photos of my fetal model display.  There wasn’t any negative comments while I was there.  Soon, Pastor Tim Terry from Christ Community Church showed up, along with his friend Karen, from Our Lady of Grace Church.

Karen, Pastor Tim and Chuck

Not long after that, The afternoon Shift Managers, Beth & Cecilia arrived…along with a group from Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church in Robinson.  They have the second shift today.

Beth, Mary Jane, Virginia and Sharon
Provi, Joyce and Cecelia

I looked for the sign in the bookstore window, that I heard was saying that Jesus told us not to pray loudly on street corners….but it is gone!

I will post any stories from the second and third shifts as they come in.

Beth wrote:

“This afternoon was wet, but the warriors continued.  Virginia and Sharon from Holy Trinity in Robinson along with Audrey who stopped on her lunch hour, so there was plenty of prayer and fine discussion.   Dan from St. Thomas stopped to pray for a while, too.  And the rain, was no big deal. “

2 thoughts on “Day 20, Ascension Church & Holy Trinity Stand for Life!

  • March 13, 2012 at 1:33 pm

    I would like to leave you the phone no.and web address of my church Saints Peter & Paul in Beaver, PA. The phone no. is 724-775-4111, and the web address is I think it would be wonderful if we see more activities listed in our bulletin from 40 days for Life. Thank you and may God bless you for saving so many lives from being aborted.
    Yours in Christ,
    Edward Kinkead

    • March 13, 2012 at 2:36 pm

      Hi Ed, thanks for the phone number…but we already have Sts. Peter and Paul as one of our “40 Days Churches”. Maureen Trivilino is our contact there, and the same phone number you gave me is the one I already have for her. So, hopefully you can talk with her to get the next campaign promoted more in the bulletin. I always send the bulletin announcements to all our churches. Thanks!


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