Day 18 – Second & Third Shifts

“The turnout today was excellent, especially for a mid – day shift. Vigil participants from St. Therese, Sts. John and Paul, New Life Community Church, and the Knights of Columbus were present. Some of the women walking either into or out of the building did take our literature, which was a positive sign.”   Timothy

Maggie, the third Shift Manager wrote:

“We had a blessed day Saturday. The weather was beautiful and the people there with me were warm and prayerful people from New Life Church. We
had a first on Saturday. The Pittsburgh Police were called on us by the bookstore 2 doors down. The officers said they never had any problems with us
and asked if we were following the rules. We were and so he left. I figured out that we had a woman in a wheelchair praying with us and that she would ride her wheelchair back and forth the block. We are prohibited from being in front of planned parenthood so our only options are really only the other businesses on either side. The bookstore also had a sign out front with a quote from scripture saying don’t be like the hypocrites who stand on the corner and pray,
next to a painting of “buddy Jesus”. We also had 2 young girls stop by, one with a cartoon on why she is pro-abortion. She spoke with one of the prayers who was WONDERFUL at speaking to first the police and then these young women in a respectful manner.  So
it looks like the attack occurred on Saturday. I hope that there will not continue to be a nuisance complaint issued the rest of this week. But then again Good ALWAYS triumps over evil! Praise be Jesus Christ, now and forever!”  Maggie

New Life Community Church


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