Day 17…Thank You for Answering the Call!!!

According to the First Shift Manager, Sally…there were many people who came to Planned Parenthood to witness and pray this morning!!!  THANK YOU to all who came this morning and to those who are coming later today!  We have recently discovered that Planned Parenthood is scheduling more abortions for weekday mornings (especially Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays)…MOST LIKELY BECAUSE OF OUR STRONG PRESENCE ON SATURDAY MORNINGS!!! I realize that Saturday mornings are the most convenient time for most people.  Kids are off school and most people are off work. And, Saturdays have always been a very busy “abortion day” as well…so it all works out fine.  But, if Planned Parenthood is discovering that our strong witness on Saturday mornings is starting to interfere with their money-making…and perhaps they are experiencing many “No-Shows” on Saturdays…this may be a new strategy of theirs to “get around us”.  They see that we normally don’t have a strong witness on weekday mornings.  Most people have work or school, and so they can schedule the abortions un-hindered during those times.  That is why I am asking EVERYONE who possibly can, to come be a prayer witness on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays…especially in the morning and early afternoon.  Who knows, maybe your prayerful presence will save the life of a child.  You may never even know it…but God CAN use YOU to save one of His precious babies!  I am SO PROUD of all of you for answering the call and coming out this morning!  Here are some photos that Sally sent in:

Meredith from Three Rivers Assembly, Kim from St. Alphonsus and Mary from St. Juan Diego
Iris, Sharon and Diane from St. John Neuman
Cathy from St. Richard's and Bernie from St. Fidelis
"Balloons by Bernie!"

Sally wrote the following about her shift this morning:

“PP was not busy. Very uncharacteristic for a Friday.  A dozen or so girls or groups went in, but they also were coming out.  They could have been getting the chemical abortion pill or birth control.  Regular abortions take a lot longer. My guess is that yesterday’s abortions would have been done today if an abortionist had not been available yesterday.
We’ll see what happens tomorrow.   This was a crazy morning because we had a lot of prayer participants from many different areas, coming & going.   A man named David, who is an athiest, spent most of the morning with us, asking questions and trying to refute the Bible.  He was very open about recording our conversations.    A man named Richard came by & said he was suicidal & believed in abortion because his own life had been such a mess.  We told him that God has plans for each of our lives, and aborting a baby aborts God’s plans for that child, and all the descendants he/she might have had. He  spent his childhood in foster care, going from place to place.  He looked like he might be suicidal.  I gave him a card for the Health Center in East Liberty, hoping that they could help him. He and David both need our prayers.  Sally”

Here are some photos from my shift this evening.  I had the wonderful priviledge of standing vigil with Lisa and her amazing family from Sts. Peter and Paul in Beaver, and her friend Marci.  Here are some photos:

Lisa brought 6 of her 10 children and her friend Marci...and stayed the whole 4 hours!
Esther, Catherine and Nati hang out with me while everyone the rest of the family warmed up at Bruegger's

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