Day 16, Sadness at Planned Parenthood Today

A sad discovery was made today at the vigil.  Planned Parenthood was doing abortions today!  The normal abortion days have always been Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.  But it seems that our strong presence on Saturday mornings may be the reason they are now scheduling more abortions on Friday mornings…and now it seems on Thursday mornings as well!  That must mean that our presence matters!  Maybe girls have been changing their minds…never showing up for their appointments on Saturdays? Maybe Planned Parenthood is realizing that they are losing money by scheduling abortions on Saturdays when such a large crowd of Christian Witnesses are present.  This must mean that we are making a difference!!!  Let’s “counter” Planned Parenthood’s tactics by increasing our numbers of witnesses on Thursday and Friday mornings!!!  Please, if at all possible, try to come to the vigil during these times…you may save a life without even realizing it!

Second Shift Manager, Lisa, said the following about her time at the vigil this afternoon:

When I first arrived at the vigil, I heard that it was possibly an abortion day… on a Thursday, which is NOT one of the regular days for scheduled abortions.  As I observed women going in and coming out of the facility, I was thinking that yes, this looks like other “abortion days” I’ve seen.

One conversation confirmed it, however.  I was watching two men who had come out.  One acknowledged me, but did not want materials.  The other did not acknowledge anyone, and seemed like he just wanted to be left alone.  However, upon seeing that this second man was about to go back in to Planned Parenthood, I caught his eye and asked if he wanted the materials I had.  I tried to ask in such a way that made it seem like he SHOULD want them.  He immediately came over, and I said, “How can I help you besides pray?”  (Because, of course, I was going to do that regardless.)  He just softened up and told me the whole story.  His fiancee was in there, and he didn’t want her in there.  I asked if she was scheduled to have an abortion today, and he said YES.  He said he’d been trying to talk her out of it for the past five hours.  I discussed more difficult details with him (there were some health concerns for the baby), and he just seemed so sad.  I gave him some suggestions, and told him that we were there for him, if he needed anything else.  He seemed genuinely grateful.

Unfortunately, I had to leave my shift before I found out how things turned out.  But I have continued to pray for him, his fiancee, and the baby.  I ask that you please continue to pray for them as well.

We can learn some things from this.  One is, we may not know when abortions are taking place, so we must always see each PP patron as a potential abortion-minded woman.  Second, just because someone seems uninterested, it does not mean that they do not need our help!  After all, if we are not there for them, maybe NOBODY else will be.

Many wonderful people witessed in the pouring rain today.  Thank to everyone who came to the vigil, including those from Fourth Presbyterian in Pittsburgh, St. Alphonsus in Wexford and Mother of Sorrows Catholic Men’s Fellowship! Here is a photo taken by one of the Second Shift Managers, Marilyn:

Prayer Warriors from St. Alphonsus witness in the pouring rain

First Shift Manager Cathy will be sending in stories and more photos, which I will post.



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