Day 15, Hosanna Church Has it Covered and Many Wonderful Participants from Youth With a Mission and Guardians for Life of Indiana & Westmoreland Counties!

If I had awards to give out to churches…I would give one to Hosanna Church in Bellvue!  Since I have been the coordinator of Pittsburgh’s 4o Days for Life in the fall of 2010….Hosanna has faithfully participated by taking a full 12-hour day!  That’s 4 campaigns in a row now!  Thanks to Pastor Gary Paladin for encouraging his congregation to faithfully participate in our efforts to end abortion in Pittsburgh!

Here are some photos from my shift this morning:

Joe and Cheryl from Hosanna Church
Erin and Cheryl from Hosanna Church

Erin was a “first-timer” and admitted that coming to this vigil was “stretching” her a little.  I agreed that the first time I went to Planned Parenthood to witness and pray, I was scared too.  It is encouraging to see people stepping out of their comfort zones and being “stretched” because of their faith and love for Christ.  He is faithful and He will use our presence here for good!

(Scroll down to see many photographs taken by second Shift Manager Cathy of the MANY amazing people who came to the vigil later today!)

This morning there were MANY single girls going in and out of Planned Parenthood.  Although today was not an abortion day, many of them were likely going in for pregnancy tests…ultrasounds and possibly scheduling abortions.  About 6 or 7 young women accepted the pro-life literature that I offered to them….most as they were leaving the clinic, but a few of them took it into the clinic with them.  I have faith that lives will be saved…even if we never know about it.  I hope that as our pro-life family here in Pittsburgh continues to grow, that eventually we will have enough “sidewalk counselors” to “staff” the sidewalk outside of all our city’s abortion clinics every business day year-round!  It is SO important to be there for these girls…to let them know that there are alternatives available to them, that Planned Parenthood won’t tell them about!

One young girl named “M”, stopped to look at my fetal model set.  She asked if I had one of a 5 1/2 week olf baby.  I showed her the 7-week fetal model and told her that was the earliest one I have.  She told me that she had an abortion at 5 1/2 weeks and she can’t get past the guilt.  She was near tears and accepted the post-abortion literature that I gave her.  She wanted a hug before she left.  She couldn’t have been more than 17 or 18.  I hope she finds forgiveness and healing so that she doesn’t get trapped in a cycle of repeat abortions.

Later, a homosexual man named “M” came to talk to us.  He is part of the Occupy Pittsburgh community and was asking what gave us the right to tell women what they can do with their bodies.  Again, I pointed to my fetal model set…picked up the 12-week fetal model and showed it to him.  I told him that we do not care what women do to THEIR bodies, but we believe that the baby ALSO has a right to not have HIS body painfully ripped apart.  I showed him the 30 week fetal model and asked if he was aware that it is perfectly legal to kill a child at that stage of development, for any reason, in our nation.  He didn’t agree with that and said that is “disgusting”.  We had a very reasonable talk and shook hands before he left.  He did say that he will get a large group of his Occupy friends to come and demonstrate for “choice” alongside of us one of these days.  I told  him that he can certainly do that…this is America and we are still permitted to stand up for what we believe in…at least for now.

Here are photos sent in by Second Shift Manager, Cathy:

Youth With a Mission makes a strong statement for those who cannot speak for themselves, with red tape over their mouths!
This next generation is standing for their missing peers...almost a third of their generation!
Youth With a Mission
Pastor Gary Paladin from Hosanna church, along with one of his parishioners
Guardians for Life of Indiana & Westmoreland Counties are faithful witnesses at our vigil!
Cheryl and Brennan from Hosanna Church
Andrea and Liz from Hosanna Church
Youth With a Mission...note the red tape over the baby in the young mother's womb!

Cathy wrote the following about her shift:

“It was a great afternoon!  Of course the weather helped, but even if the weather had not been so good, it was beautiful.
There were three groups of pray-ers, plus a few people who came on their own.  Hosanna Church was on all day, with different shifts of people, Fr. Tim brought his faithful group again, and the Youth with a Mission group (about
20 persons) came, with music and prayer.  Some of them put red tape over their mouths with the word “Life” written on it, for those who cannot speak for themselves.

A woman, probably in her 30’s, came up to me, saying she was 6 weeks pregnant.  She had just left her boyfriend, but was not seeking an abortion.  She had been force to have one by her mother at age 14, after being raped, and never got over it.  She has 2 other children, one 17 and one 9.  The older one lives in Philly and the younger in Georgia with a foster family.  The woman has a drug history and is being treated.  The 9 year old had to go through withdrawal after birth.  It really pained
her to watch him suffer.  The boyfriend got her into drugs, and she has done time.  I gave her the resource paper and a Rachel’s Vineyard brochure.  I think she will follow through.  I wish I could remember her name.  At least God knows it!  Told her I would pray for her.

I’m not sure why, but the security guard came out when the YWAM group was here and took 2 pictures, one in each direction.  The sidewalk was clear, no one was in the circle, just a normal gathering of pray-ers.

Sometimes it does  seem we are not making a difference, but the seeds are being planted, and we are helping more than we
will ever know.  Even those with the negative comments may someday come around.  Even if not, there’s the saying that God does not ask us to be successful, but only faithful.  He’ll take care of the rest.”

God Bless!


The last Shift Manager of the day, Barbara, took the following photos:

Hosanna Church
Hosanna Church
Hosanna Church closes it out!

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