Day 14…St. Mary of the Assumption, St. Margaret Mary and St. Ursula

I’m sure it was cold at the vigil this morning…but I think we are past the worst of the winter weather now!  I am ready for some warmth!  Thanks to everyone who witnessed for Life today!!!  The morning Shift Manager, Sally, sent in the following comments about her time at the vigil this morning:

“We had about 24 people this morning. About 10 from Assumption, 7 early arrivals from St. Margaret Mary, some regular Tuesday morning people & a few recent pray-ers who seem to be getting hooked on the 40 days.  God is growing the numbers of people who feel comfortable praying at Planned Parenthood. Nothing out of the ordinary happened.  One couple went in with a child, not yet a year old, and they did not come out.  Very sad for that child to lose a sibling.  I have read that children sense that their family is broken, even if nobody speaks of abortion.  They always feel that someone is missing from their life.  One of the men from Assumption walked away with a 40 Days sign still on his back. He forgot it was there.  Mary Alice said, “What a great witness he is for the 40 Days for Life as he walks to his car.”  Sally”

The Third-Shift Manager, Sheila, sent in this photo:

Paul and Anne, Gerry and Mary Ann from St. Ursula's in Cranberry

Here is a photo from the last hour of the vigil today, taken by Sheila:

Joe, Nikki, Shift-Manager Roseann and husband Rich

The second Shift Manager, Charlotte, sent in the following comment about her time at the vigil:

“At Today’s vigil there were many vigil participants praying from various churches.  I was standing with Beth, who was not with the other groups there.  She came alone.  So we were discussing a variety of pro-life talk.  We were handing out the brochures in my packet and had success in giving out the handouts.  It is amazing to me that the people who come for services to Planned Parenthood are so willing to take the items (like the baby models) and handouts.  I really get the feeling that they know that we are there because we care.  We care
about them, the babies, their partners, etc.   So just before 12:00
noon I went across the street to get a coffee.  When I returned Beth had already talked to a gentleman who came out.  She asked him if he was with someone in the building.  He said he was, and his friend had to reschedule her appointment.  Beth jumped on the chance to talk to him and give him the
brochures that we had.  She counseled him as to choices that they can make and how people are willing to help them.  The gentleman listened and took all the information.  When his partner left, she talked to them again briefly and they left.  Beth told me what had happened and I knew that it was just the reason why the women was rescheduled.  To give her and her
partner another chance.  A chance, through the grace of God, to make the perfect decision!  The opportunity that maybe was necessary to give them information to help and to let them know there are people who love them, want to help them and their baby.
The astounding event in this whole story is the chance for someone to choose life for that particular child.  The 2nd most astounding news from this story is that today, March 6th was Beth’s first time coming to Planned Parenthood.  She was willing to go right out there and be pro-active in her efforts.  The people around us praying and asking God for a miracle, our prayers, the pastor who came and supported us and prayed at
the curb.  He also took handouts and was asking about the women leaving and was there to be active in doing what needs to be done.  WE  NEED TO BE THERE FOR PEOPLE.  We need to talk to that person that you may hear is considering an abortion, or the parents, or a spouse/friend.  We need
to pray, but God wants us to do more.  In your own way, somehow, some way reach out —  in the case of us down in Pittsburgh; right there in front of them to show them that you care.
Beth and I talked about going down to Pittsburgh and how before hand we kind of were thinking, or at least I certainly was that “Do I really want to be doing this”,  “Should I have even signed up this year when I am already so busy and always behind in things at home, etc. that need to be done”  but the
truth is everyone has their excuses but if you go and do what  God callsus to do, things will change.  Babies, Human lives will be saved.  Someday, praying that so many hearts will change that our country will turn around and do what is morally right!  Please consider joining in and stepping up to be active in the 40 Days for Life… “


3 thoughts on “Day 14…St. Mary of the Assumption, St. Margaret Mary and St. Ursula

  • March 7, 2012 at 9:26 am

    Hi 40 Days for Lifers! Thinking of all of you and praying for this special time. The sun is shining so beautifully in Jeannette this morning, as I hope it is in on Liberty Ave. as well.
    As a fellow (past) participant (and hopefully future!) I wanted to share some awesome information. I was SUPER encouraged to receive some information in an e-mail from UPMC (where I work as a nurse). Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC is holding an Infant adoption awareness training session for health care professionals. The event is geared to teach health care providers “how to present adoption as equal to all other options for a patient facing unintended pregnancy.” This is such a huge step in the right direction and I believe it’s because of the fervent prayers and efforts of participants in this and other pro-life campaigns. Keep up the good work!! “Consider him who endured from sinners such hostility against himself, so that you may not grow weary or fainthearted.” Heb. 12:3
    In His Grip,

  • March 7, 2012 at 1:03 pm

    That’s great news Marissa! Thanks for sharing it!

  • March 10, 2012 at 2:08 pm

    Unbelievable!! Thank for sharing this. Can you go to the training session, and let us know how they present adoption as an option, and if those attending seem open to it? We would very much look forward to that. Thank you. Sally Brunn


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