Day 13…Prayer Warriors from St. Thomas More Start Us Off!

It was a snowy and cold morning to witness for LIFE outside of Planned Parenthood…AGAIN!  The forecaster says the weather is going to get warmer for the rest of the week…we just need to get past TODAY!  The cold didn’t stop the dedicated folks from St. Thomas More from coming to fill their time at our 40 day vigil though!  There was a great group of people to pray with this morning!  Here are some photos that I took:

Carolyn and her friend from St. Thomas More, and my Shift Manager "Buddy", Marie
Fran came from St. Margaret's in Coraopolis
Nice group from St. Thomas More
Bill, Ethel, Nancy and Patty from St. Thomas More
Nicole and Gretchen from Washington Alliance, with Second Shift-Manager, Rose

There are no other churches signed up for the rest of the day, but our 40 Days for Life family really pulled together and filled up the schedule!  Thanks to Dane, Pastor Tom Fodi, Jessica, Adam and Jane, and the rest of our Shift Managers…Beth, Pat and Francis, for holding the vigil this afternoon and evening!  I will post stories and photos as they come in.

One comment from my time this morning;  A car drove by and slowed down.  A young womas screamed at us “you all are horrible, horrible people!”.   I could tell she really believed that.  She didn’t use foul language or curse at us…she really and truly thinks that we are mean, cruel people to be standing outside of an abortion clinic as witnesses to something that we see as evil and an injustice.  It just struck me how differently human beings can see things.  One person can look at something and think it is beautiful, and another person looks at the same thing and think it is terrible.  WE think that aborting little human babies is horrible….but she thought that people protesting the aborting of tiny babies are horrible.  Let us pray that those who have been deceived by Satan to think that good is evil, and evil is good…will find the truth.  Just as Bernard Nathanson did.  May their rational minds seek scientific truth and facts…and may God use those truths to convert hearts and minds to love HIM and all life created by Him.


2 thoughts on “Day 13…Prayer Warriors from St. Thomas More Start Us Off!

  • March 5, 2012 at 2:59 pm

    We had 6 people join us during Cecilia and my cold 11-1 shift. Two incidents stand out – one man was appalled upon finding out that they did abortions there at PP and kept asking where the doctors go in and we said right at that front door. Before I knew it he spit on the glass door and said that’s what he wanted to do to the abortionist and walked on. If I had known he was going to spit I would have discouraged it, but I agreed with his disgust for abortion and his stand for life. The other was a beautiful blond woman about thirtyish who stopped and said to me that years ago she was raped and had an abortion and if there had been someone outside praying on that day like we were, she wouldn’t have done it. She just wanted me to know. I told her about Rachel’ s Vineyard and asked if she was healed/forgiven and she indicated yes. It was a real encouragement to me and warmed my heart on this cold day to know we do make a difference!

  • March 5, 2012 at 4:16 pm

    Rose and Cil, thanks for being there today, and thanks for passing along those stories Rose!


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