Day 12 – Life Runners, Assumption Church & St. Alexis in Wexford

What a freezing cold day to stand for life in front of a closed abortion clinic!  This is the proof that our FAITH is in GOD…and NOT in MAN, POLITICS, MEDIA…or anything else!  We are showing our Lord that we believe HE will end abortion!  Thanks to ALL who are suffering in the cold today!!!  Sometimes when I am freezing at the vigil, I think of how cold the babies must be when they are aborted…late term….and are left to simply die, as Jill Stanek described…in the soiled linen room of the hospital.  How cold those little ones  must have been, after having been prematurely ejected from their mother’s warm womb and thrust onto a rough, cold towel to die alone in a laundry room.  If you have never read Jill’s testimony about her experience as a nurse in a hospital, assisting with late-term abortions, you can read it at

I don’t think I will get any photos from today…but I will post them if I do.  The first Shift Manager of today sent in the following comments about the early-morning hours:

“God bless the faithful participants, including the three beautiful children, who came out in the cold to attend this morning’s vigil.  May prayers said through chattering teeth be especially pleasing to Him! Today, I was blessed to meet two members of
LifeRunners.  The group’s website describes their purpose like this:
LIFE Runners are LIFE Group Devotions members who pray, raise funds, and run…All In Christ for Pro-Life!” Running marathons would certainly give a person
time to pray–and some suffering to offer up for others!  See if you’d like to get involved!”

I will post comments from the second and third shift managers as they come in.

Nikki W., our Second Shift Manager sent in the following comment about her shift:

“Lots of people showed up today.  The Knights were there with their banner and they had a woman who had some questions about their views. They were very kind and loving. We also recieved many thumbs up people are starting to recognize us as a plus in society. Also we did have a couple of people not so happy showing there discomfort by giving
us some unkind gestures. So many people showed up on a very snowy and windy day what a blessing to pray for an end to abortion with so many holy people.”


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