Day 11 – Mid-Day shift

It was a good shift today. Vigil participants from St. Killian’s, Holy Family in Steubenville, and other churches were present. Many of the women walking either into or out of the clinic accepted our literature, which was a good sign. Opportunities to share the Truth with a couple of people who were walking by also occurred.

Maggie, our third-Shift Manager sent in the following photos and comment about today:

“Today was very quiet. We did’t have much positive or negative reactions. A couple thumbs up and a couple of the other kind was about it. We prayed the rosary, said the chaplet of divine mercy and the Saint Michael the Archangel prayer. We
witnessed a couple leaving and the employees going home. I made eye contact with one and we smiled at one another. I just send my prayers their way and hope for conversion of heart. I want to thank all those who prayed with me. One
prayer even got me a cup of coffee on her way home. Thank you!”

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