Day 11, Holy Family in Steubenville, St. Killian’s and St. Valentine’s

There was a lot of praying and witnessing at Planned Parenthood this morning!  Holy Family in Steubenville started out our witness with a large group.  Pamela sent me the following photos:

A nice family provides a powerful witness for LIFE!
Carolyn, Pam and Lynette
Dave and Clare
Facing the Giants
Susan and Larry
Lynette and Dan
Shift Manager Al with large crowd of witnesses
Powerful Presence this morning
Ron, Heather and little Brooklynne

Tom humbly kneeling

Sally sent in the following comments from this morning:

“In spite of the high winds and very cold temps, about 60 people, including about 15  children, came to PP to witness for life.  Most of them came from Steubenville or with
Fr. Tim. They included Mark & Gretchen and 7 of their 8 children, from Steubenville, and Tom & Maggie with 5 children. Planned Parenthood was very busy.  The escorts hung around until 10:30, probably because there were so many of us.  The security guard, Cory, told Maggie again that she could not talk with the customers, & that she is not allowed to walk in the circle, even though she had no sign and was only going from one side to the other.  That’s probably what he is told to say.  One thing I noticed this morning, although there was no open hostility from people passing by, they were not “with us”
either.  No smiles, no comments. They just wanted to get past us as quickly as possible.


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