Day 7 – Witnesses from Many Different churches Come to Pray…and a nice group from St. Elizabeth Ann Seton!

This morning’s shift manager, Sally Brunn, reported that there were people from MANY different churches who came to pray at the vigil today!  Ascension Church had “officially” adopted the early shift, but they were joined by people from St. Joseph in Verona, St. Ferdinand in Cranberry, St. James in Sewickley and St. John Vianney!  Here are some photos that she took:

Mary Alice from St. James, Mary Jane from Pittsburgh Latin Mass Community and Pat from St. Ferdinands in Cranberry
John, Sandy and Mary Alice from St. James
Judy from Ascension, Laura from St. John Vianney and Mike from St. Joes

Here are photos from our second shift, taken by the Shift Manager, Cathy.  St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish brought a nice group to pray:

Frederick, Vince, Walter, Ann and Sandra from St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish
Bill, Ann and Fran from St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish

Cathy wrote this about her shift today:

“There was a lot of traffic in and out, being an abortion day.  I was able to talk to a couple people, and gave them some literature, but don’t think any minds were changed.   Another woman, a passer-by, or perhaps with a client in the clinic, came up to us, just after Sheila arrived, said she had been seeing us for the past several years, and wanted to know what we had to offer the women.  She said that our presence made it even harder for the women who had made the hard decision to abort.  She said her own mother had really struggled raising 5 children, and that she would have told her mother to abort her!  We stressed that these women needed support, and that it is available.  I offered the sheet with the pregnancy care centers which she grabbed out of my hand and walked away.  We just keep praying.”

Here is a photo that Sheila sent me from the third shift today:

Shift Manager Roseann, Gus, Stacy and Jennifer, and a passerby who stopped to pray

Sheila wrote about her shift:

“We had a lively shift.  A man named Gus walked by, agreed with our cause and decided to stand with us for a couple of hours.  A drunken Ryan also stopped to talk with us.
Sadly, he had been recently released from prison and has no hope for the future, although he professed faith in God.  He spoke of wanting to kill himself and we all encouraged him to head to a facility with Gus (who is a recovering alcoholic) so he could sober up.  He refused that, but before he left we all prayed together for Ryan.  Please keep him in your prayers.   Also please keep Sheena in your prayers.  She stopped by the clinic
for a pregnancy test.  I directed her to Women’s Choice in Oakland.   She called them and then went directly there.  She does have abortion in mind for the child so please pray for Sheena.”

One thought on “Day 7 – Witnesses from Many Different churches Come to Pray…and a nice group from St. Elizabeth Ann Seton!

  • February 28, 2012 at 1:50 pm

    I believe the lady in the middle picture is Sandy. She was with Mary Alice.


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