Day 6, Riverside Community Church and Emmanuel Christian Church Witness for Life!

Today was a very inspiring Monday morning at the vigil!  Mondays are typically peaceful, since the clinic is not “open for business” until later in the morning…although staff members are going in, so we are there to witness to them.  People who are passing by are not usually very friendly on their way to work on an early Monday morning…but really, can you blame them?  Anyway, I was blessed to be able to pray with many wonderful people this morning.  Here are some photos:

Sue, Mark from Riverside Community Church and my "Shift-Manager-Buddy", Marie
Julie and Jeanine from Riverside Community Church, along with "regulars", Julie C. and Linda
Marie Praying for an end to abortion
Rick from Riverside Community Church, and Shift Manager buddies-Cecilia and Joyce
Shift Manager Beth didn't have to be there till 1pm, but came at 10:00 to do overtime!
Margie and Mary Jane

The following photos were sent in by Cecilia, the Second Shift Manager:

Rose, John, William and Joyce light up the darkness at Planned Parenthood!
Rose, Kim and William

Second Shift Manager, Cecilia wrote the following about her shift:

“William was such a blessing!  He is African American. And from the minute he arrived, he just had us in smiles.  He immediately stated that he decided to join with us as he likes the fact that all Christians are coming together for this campaign and that we have united for this cause.  He believes that we should all work together and be united!  As the
Lord wants us all to be one!  Joyce talked with him at length.  He said he was 61 years old.  His Dad was a Christian and, before he died (at age 102?) told him to serve the Lord and that he would live to be 120.  He said that we are invited to that birthday party!   He said that from the moment he arrived at the vigil he sensed the presence of the Holy Spirit!  What a joy to be with him!  He wanted to be a “black” witness.  He felt that would help to have a black man there.  He came with the bulletin flyers and handed them out as people passed by.  A car filled with young black boys and girls pulled over at the curb to ask why we were there.  They smiled and listened while we handed them flyers and told them about our peaceful campaign.  I asked if they knew anyone in PP.  The driver said that
his sister worked there.  I told him that we would pray for her.  We understand the need for a job but would pray that she found a different place to work.  They were kind enough when they drove off.  It was great that William was there to interact with them. We met with Lauren as we were just going to pack up to leave. She was looking through signs that we had on the ground and asked why we were doing this.  She said that we were just making it harder for women who already made a difficult decision.  She had also aborted a child after having one child already.  She said that she would not have been able to care for another and thought that adoption was not good for kids.  Her sister  had a bad experience with that (her child had cerebral palsy and was apparently placed in a bad home).  I gave her adoption stories that we had (one about Joyce’s sister who was 18 when she was pregnant and chose to place her son for adoption and one about a family that longed for a baby and finally got their first child through adoption).  We also gave her a flyer on fetal development and abortion healing in case she was in need of healing herself.  She was still not happy with us being there but I could sense some sadness deep
within her.  Let pray she can find healing for her “choice”.”

The following photos were sent in by the Third Shift manager, Rosalina…and are of Emmanuel Christian Church members:

Shift-Manager Rosalina, with young witness from Emmanuel Christian Church
Witnesses from Emmanuel Christian Church

I  (Nikki) do want to mention what an honor it was to meet Mary Jane (above) at the vigil last Friday.  She told me this morning that she has been coming almost every day.  She shared her testimony with me about her experience with abortion over 40 years and her journey towards healing and forgiveness.  It is an absolutely beautiful testimony…and I thank her for her witness.  While she was there, another woman who looked to be in her 60’s came up to us and said she was also suffering from an abortion from many years ago.  Mary Jane tried to offer her a brochure for a Rachel’s Vineyard retreat, but the woman was adamant about not seeking any sort of counseling because she does not want her son to know about the abortion.  We will just have to pray for her.  Speaking of post-abortion healing…here is a poem written by an anonymous friend…dedicated to her child that was never born:

“the difference”

…unconscious incompetence…you don’t even know, that you don’t even know

…you wander through life…walking in darkness … looking with eyes that do not see

… but you do not know

…the road you are on is crowded

… you are lost

… you are a captive

…you hate knowledge

…you lack understanding

…i lived for many years in a prison of my own making

…in a pit called an eating disorder…food was my god …a toilet my alter

…enslaved for 20 years

… secrets


… the lover of an unavailable man …i thought he loved me…i thought it was love



… “years the locusts ate”

”but God”

God breathed life into my womb

… i did not value myself or that life

…to cover lies …i allowed the life formed in me to be sucked out… purged from my body

…a light extinguished…a star unborn

…i numbed the guilt and shame

it is written:

…they have the “right of choice”

…this lie was first spoken in a perfect garden…in a place of beauty deception was born

…and death

…they are deceived

…but they do not know

…this baby had no rights

…this baby had no choice

I never heard the voice of this baby …but this baby heard mine

…my choice made all the difference to this child

…there is much i did not understand

it is written: “they perish for lack of understanding”

…i always knew about God but i did not know Him

…one day i heard His Voice… gently He spoke to my hurting heart about His Love and forgiveness

…“just believe” …a quiet invitation

The God of All Grace offered to set me free

…a choice

…my heart responded

The Spirit of Life and Truth entered … bringing peace and promised new life:
abundant, eternal life

…Gifts from the King of Kings

…i believe

…this choice has made all the difference

In memory of my unborn babyHann~ah Faith Ralphaela

Her name means “I trust, by faith, God has healed”  fem-v

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