Day 5, St. Irenaeus in Oakmont & Hayes Holy Angels Ladies of Charity

Today was a beautiful sunny…although cold day at the vigil!  Thanks to everyone who came to be a witness and pray!  I know of one man who was a little worried about going for the first time…so he purposely chose a Sunday morning hour, when there would be less people…emailed me today and said he had a good experience, and wants to do it again.  I love seeing first-timers stepping out of their comfort zone, and answering God’s call to pray and witness against the injustice of abortion!  It is so inspiring to me!  Here are photos sent in by the early-morning Shift Manager, Jen:

Folks from St. Ireneaus in Oakmont, along with First-Timer Randy, and Sally & Al Brunn

Pictured: Having all just finished praying a “formal” Stations of the Cross devotion together, the Bible Alliance Church then led our group in what they described as their less formal, “free-style” form of spontaneous prayer. Pictured are worshippers from Bible
Alliance on the right, and Fr. Frank Kurimsky and his flock from St. Irenaeus
on the left, as well as parishioners from St. Margaret, St. James, St. Bernard,
Pittsburgh Latin Mass Community and (earlier that day) Holy Angels and St.

Written by Lindsay:

“The day was sunny and cold. Sunny everywhere, it seemed, but in front of the abor tion clinic at 933 Liberty Avenue.  I feel certain that this plain, brick building in Pittsburgh is the last building to receive the sun’s rays each day, and is the first building to lose them at night.  It truly seems to be one of the darkest, coldest, dirtiest looking buildings downtown, and I can’t help but ponder the cleanliness of the facility on the inside.  The misguided but well-meaning clinic staff, despite much funding, doesn’t even attempt to make their façade look cheery or inviting to the poor, misled women and men
who all too frequently enter into that dreary building with its filthy, streaked windows and dark, outdated window displays.  Truly, it never ceases to amaze me how clever Satan is at completely blinding us to blatant dangers of body, mind, soul and spirit.  I pray that through our unified Christian prayers and offerings these 40 days that God will open up society’s
blinded eyes, so that through His Holy Spirit He can protect the poor providers, supporters and receivers of abor tion from receiving like filthy streaks upon the very windows of their souls.  I also pray that through our unified appeals that God will lead those whose souls have already been
stained by the tragedy of abor tion, to a complete spiritual cleansing and reconciliation to God through our Most Merciful and Compassionate Lord, Jesus Christ.  When standing around praying for Life in the cold, ever-present shadows of this
grimy building, it would be very easy to lose hope and fall into a state of despair, if it were not for the omnipresent “Son Rays” of Truth, Love, and Mercy shining brilliantly and warmly upon us; if it were not for the warmth of our diverse Christian fellowship and purpose.  While our bodies might be cold from standing so near this dark, soulless, sunless building, our unified
spirits are kept aflame by Christ’s Love which sustains our mutual Faith and Hope  turning to Him together for help.  How deeply pleased God must be when all the Members of His One Body truly come together with our finest prayer offerings for 40 Days for Life!”


Prayer Warriors from St. Ireneaus and Hayes Holy Angels' Ladies of Charity

Jen also sent in the following account of her time at the vigil:

“What an uplifting and encouraging sight to pull up in front of Planned Parenthood at 7 A.M. on a cold Sunday and see a dedicated group of people already gathering to keep vigil!  They prayed and sang throughout the morning, and another wonderful group was forming for the second shift as I was leaving.  I think the raw weather endured by this week’s prayer warriors gave powerful witness to the urgent nature of our cause.  This is not something that can wait for the weather to improve, or for our schedules to clear up, or for anything else that may challenge us.  Abortion must be ended NOW!  Thank you all for having the courage to follow Jesus and take up the cross out of love for our fellow men–especially those in the womb, those in frightening circumstances, and those who disagree with us.  God bless you! “


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