Day 4…Sleet and Snow doesn’t stop our witness!

The weather was about as bad as it gets this morning.  That didn’t keep our witnesses for Life away!  A group of folks from Washington Alliance Church held the vigil (along with the Saturday “regulars”) this morning.  Here are some photos, taken by Lori Snatchko and Pamela Carney:

Early Shift Manager Al, with young man from Washington Alliance
Two men from Washington Alliance Church
Shift Manager Sally (on left - Al's other-half) and witness from Washington Alliance
Young couple from Washington Alliance
Witnesses from Washington Alliance

Later this morning, quite a few dedicated prayer volunteers came from St. Joseph’s Parish in Verona.  They made sure the vigil was covered in prayer. Here are some photos of them:

St. joseph's in Verona covers in prayer
Nice group from St. Joes

Along with these two wonderful church groups, the “regulars” were there, and our 40 Days for Life photographer, Lori…and her friends Pauline and Bob came to stand in prayer and witness:

ACPHL South Hills, Pauline, Lori and Bob
"Saturday Regular" Sidewalk Counselor, Meredith
"Saturday Regular", Pamela
"Saturday Regular", David
Pamela, in front of Planned Parenthood

I hope our Second Shift Manager, Timothy…and our Third Shift Manager, Maggie….didn’t freeze to death during their 4-hour shifts today!!!  If they send any stories, reports or photos from later today, I will post them.

Sally did send a story from this morning.  I will copy it here:

“A rather odd thing happened.  Tim & Sandy Barr were there.  A father brought his very young teen for an abortion.  Sandy said a few appropriate things to them, and the father told her to mind her own business.  Cory was on the sidewalk & he, in turn,complained to Sandy about talking to the people going in.  She told him she had a right to speak (which she does)  and he went back inside.  About 10 or 15 minutes later a policeman showed up, and we all assumed that he was there because Cory or one of the escorts had called him about Sandy.  He walked to the group of escorts on the right, talked with them, went to the door of PP & talked with Paula (who was in charge this morning), and possibly someone inside the door, and then went back to his car.  Sandy immediately went up to the car and asked what was going on. He told her that they had received a 911 call, with nobody on the line, had traced it to PP and asked if someone there had called.  All said nobody had called from PP.  Sandy asked him why he took their word, anddid not ask to go upstairs to check if a client had called.  He had no answer. Sandy was angry, and worried, that the young teen had called 911 as a last ditch effort to escape an abortion she did not want (and possibly had to hang up b/4 the call answered). Sandy said she was going to call the police department when she got home and question them further.  Almost always, when police arrive at PP it is because someone called them about one of us.  But what if Sandy is right and a call did go out to the police from a customer who did not want to be there?  We never thought of this aspect before.  But even if that is what happened, I can’t think of anything we could do about it.   Sally”

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