Day 4 – Second and Third Shifts as told by Timothy and Maggie, Photos included

The vigil was wonderful today, despite the cold. Participants from St. Joseph’s in Verona were there, as were people from several other churches. There was one woman who went into the building who agreed to take our information about crisis pregnancy centers, which was a positive sign. There was another woman who walked by and stated that she had three abortions last year and had no bad feelings at all about them. Please pray for her.

The following photos were taken by Timothy, the Shift Manager during the second shift:

The following photos were taken by Shift Manager Maggie, during the third shift on Saturday:

A great group from Washington Alliance Church
More witnesses in the afternoon

Maggie sent the following story from her time at the vigil:

“What a wonderful and cold afternoon yesterday in downtown Pittsburgh! I had such great company and never a moment alone!  We had an interesting encounter last night with a young man. I hope and pray that I responded not only appropriately but also in such a way that might touch his heart.  He started the conversation by saying, “What is your point in being here?” I explained to him the origin and goal of 40 days for life. He said  “Don’t you realize you are shaming the girls going in?”  I said that is never our intention. He then asked what about victims of rape. I expressed my deep sadness at such a horrible act but explained that there is the option of going to the ER for a “rape kit” to be done which ould almost completely reduce the risk of pregnancy. He then said that girls don’t want to do that sometimes, that they feel so violated and ashamed and sometimes even guilty. I again expressed my compassion and empathy but said that the child must be brought into this world and if the mother cannot deal with the thought of raising a child conceived in
rape that she needs to give it to a couple who is desperate for a child of their own no matter how they were conceived. He said “What about the embarrassment of being pregnant…that through no fault of their own they have to come to planned parenthood to get an abortion and that when there are people protesting and saying things to the girls as they enter they make them feel shamed.”   He revealed to me that his own sister was raped at age 15 and that she was not traumatized by the abortion itself but by the protesters
there as she was coming and going. He revealed to me that he was an atheist.  Looking in this young man’s eyes I did not see hatred or animosity. I saw pain and misunderstanding. I believe that the love of Christ is trying to penetrate his heart but he is fighting it tooth and nail. I believe he said his name was Jim. Please pray for him

The other thing that happened was a woman named Lisa stopped by to pray with us while she was waiting for her bus to arrive. She does this whenever we are here. While she was there an older woman who I have encountered at least 5 times before came up and started shouting at us about how she was never wanted and how her parents mistreated her. She wished she had never been born and kept repeating if a man and a woman don’t want to have a child they should not have sex! AMEN to that.  She is in so much pain.  Lisa was so very compassionate and loving towards her. She later revealed to us that she is a “convert” to the pro-life movement. That she herself was an escort for planned parenthood and had 2 abortions. Because of the constant prayers of her parents she came to realize the error of her ways. She attended RAchel’s vineyard I am not sure maybe 10 years ago and experienced healing and forgiveness. She was such a beautiful person and i was so grateful to her for sharing her witness with me.”

2 thoughts on “Day 4 – Second and Third Shifts as told by Timothy and Maggie, Photos included

  • February 28, 2012 at 2:09 pm

    Tina is the woman who shouts about never being wanted. She’s been doing it for years. Our being at PP sets her off. We saw her once at a theater, and she was very cordial to us. Please pray for her. Sally

  • February 28, 2012 at 4:43 pm

    I do not for one minute believe that Tina has had any significant healing. Her behavior is that of someone in pain – not someone who has been restored by the Holy Spirits touch. I have had personal encounters with her over the years and she has never been receptive to a conversation or healing information. She is still in much pain an does ned our prayers.


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