Day 3, North American Martyrs and Sts. Peter & Paul in Beaver

Today was very windy and rainy…but that didn’t keep faithful prayer warriors away!  Today’s first shift was maintained by individual volunteers who signed up to help us maintain the vigil.  If I get a photo from that shift, I will post it here.  The second shift had a nice group from North American Martyrs Church in Monroeville.  Here are some  photos of them:

Fr. Joe Luisi and two others from North American Martyrs
Prayer warriors from North American Martyrs
Large group this afternoon!
Shift Manager Marie, with prayer volunteer
Winnie from St. Bernadette's and Clare & Cathy from North American Martyrs

The following photo is from the second shift, and was sent in by Marie:

The third shift today was carried by a WONDERFUL family from Sts. Peter & Paul Church in Beaver.  I had the great privilege of standing with them for the last two hours of their 4-hour shift.  This beautiful mother (Lisa) has 10 children…one is a soldier, one a priest in Rome and all her children who were present at the vigil were some of the nicest kids I’ve ever met.  It really is true that you meet the BEST people doing this pro-life work!  Here are some photos of them:

Lisa and her children...with my husband Joe
Family from Sts. Peter & Paul, with Shift Manager Pat

I must say that I noticed passerby’s, clinic workers and clients seemed to behave much more respectfully with the children present.  I was happy to see that.  Kids at the vigil really do seem to set a different tone.  How can even the hardest pro-abortion person look at an innocent child holding a “Pray to End Abortion” sign, and say something crude?  Happily, it seems that human decency prevails.

I received the following account from Pauline, who was present this afternoon:

“Lori and I have a new sign with a picture of a baby in utero sucking its thumb that says, “54 Million Missing Since 1973”. Within one minute we got 2foul comments directed our way and I thought, “Ohhh, Satan’s really woundup today,” so we prayed for a while for the babies, the women, thefamilies, the Planned Parenthood employees, etc. Then I noticed people acrossthe street and drivers staring at our sign, perhaps because it stands outbecause of the baby (in color), and the red lettering of the number”54″. It occured to me that very few Americans know that, AT LEAST,54 million abortions have occurred in this country since abortion became legal. Thenan African-American couple stopped and we talked about the numbers. Then aPittsburgh-based photographer asked if he could take a picture of the sign. Ashe put it, “It says it all.” He said, in essence, that he wasprochoice in the sense that the right choice should be made before procreation,and when I asked him if he was a Christian, he replied that he was”spiritual”. That gave me the chance to tell him about 40 Days forLife, and that we believed it was a spiritual battle. He seemed to agree withthat idea and took a picture of Lori’s 40 Days hoodie.  Shortlyafterwards, a woman walking with her daughter started yelling at me, “Whatgood is that sign?! What good is it to stand out here with that!? Her daughterstarted to explain to Lori that she and her mother were “very passionateabout that”. I was a little confused what her position was, but explainedthat we were also praying and that I didn’t believe most people realize howmany abortions have been performed in this country. She then started to cry,saying that she had lost a grandchild at 8 months gestation – it sounded likeit had perhaps been aborted because of a deformity. She said she is upset thatchurches don’t speak out more against abortion. She felt 54 million lives ismuch more of a shame than Hitler’s holocaust (interesting because we had beencalled “Nazis” earlier), and that our nation should know the numbersof abortions. I tried to soothe her a little, and shortly afterwards, she andher daughter left.  All this within the space of an hour! Nikki, I believe we are making a difference with our prayers and by presenting the truth in a nonconfrontationalway. And my interaction with the last woman made me more aware of theimpact that abortion has on the family of the woman who makes that decision.Let us keep praying, and keep telling the truth!”

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  • February 28, 2012 at 2:15 pm

    Pauline, next time you are at PP, please take a picture of your new sign & post it. Would like to see it. Thanks. Sally


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