Day #1, Our Lady of Victory & St. Bernard of Clairvaux

We are off to a great start in Pittsburgh!  The weather couldn’t be more beautiful…and a young woman turned away from Planned Parenthood this morning!  She took information from me directing her to Women’s Choice Network…and I have received information that she did indeed go there today.  She has given them permission to let us know, and when we have more information I will pass it along.

God is letting us know that His mighty hand is upon us and He is going to do great things through our prayers, fasting and witness at the vigil!

This morning I had the great pleasure to stand witness with Fr. Rodolph Wakim from Our Lady of Victory Church in Carnegie.  Here is a photo of him, and one of me, that he took.

Fr. Rodolph Wakim, Our Lady of Victory in Carnegie
Nikki on Day #1

Later in the morning we were joined by one of Fr. Wakim’s parishioners, Mary Ann…and the church that is covering the second shift of the day showed up almost an hour early!  There was also one person from Assumption Church in Bellvue (Catherine) who showed up to pray.  Here are some photos of them:

Jerry, Ray and Janet from St. Bernard of Clairvaux in Indiana

I talked to our second shift manager, Cathy…who said it was a faily non-eventful afternoon…although there was one woman who asked her for the sheet that has all the crisis pregnancy phone numbers on it.  Cathy gave it to her, and the woman said she wanted to make copies of it and leave it in various places so people could see the help that is available.  She shared that 21 years ago, she would have had an abortion if someone hadn’t let her know about the help that was available…and now she is a grandmother because of that help when she needed it.

We are being salt and light to our city…and it is a great honor to be in His service.

God bless you!


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