How to Pray at an Abortion Clinic for the First Time

The following is something that God laid on my heart last night during my Time with Him.  This is my experience of How God called me into this ministry of praying and witnessing at abortion clinics…and eventually into sidewalk counseling abortion-bound women.  I hope it will inspire someone to put aside their fears and step out in faith.


1.  First, you need to have your heart broken.  God’s Holy Spirit is the One
for this job.  He may do this in one or more of the following ways:

  • You  may see a photo of a tiny victim of abortion…perfectly formed little  hands and feet, little arms and legs…lying in a mess of blood, intestines  and a crushed head.
  • You watch videos of women in tears talking about how much they regret their
    abortions (
    You read a story from a 40 Days for Life vigil in another city, where a
    young man accompanies his pregnant girlfriend and her mother to an
    abortion clinic…all the while trying to talk her out of it.  Even as
    they walk in the clinic door he is pleading for his child’s life.
    Three hours later the three of them exit the clinic.  The woman and
    her mother get into their car, but the young man plops himself down on the
    curb, puts his head in his hands…and starts to sob.  The girlfriend
    and her mother are shouting at him to get up and get into the car…but he
    is inconsolable.  Two of the prayer participants at that 40 Days for
    Life vigil go to his side to try to comfort this young father who is
    grieving the death of his child…after he helplessly stood by as that child
    was murdered.
  • You  begin to educate yourself on the truth about abortion.  You are in
    disbelief when you learn that abortion is legal for any reason, at any
    time during a woman’s pregnancy…right up to the day of birth!  You
    are horrified when you discover the gruesome details of late term
    abortions…that thousands of babies are actually ripped apart by forceps
    while they are still alive in their mother’s womb and removed in
    pieces.  You read about the barbaric practice of partial-birth
    abortion, and the horrific and evil practices that go on un-punished and
    un-regulated in our country.  You realize that our nation…the nation
    that YOU live in…is guilty of shedding the innocent blood of over 53
    million….and counting.  You cry and sob in repentance for living your
    life in oblivion to this horror and tell God how sorry you are for this
    terrible sin.
  • Your  eyes become opened to the satanic aspect of abortion, and you realize this
    is a spiritual battle that has been going on since sin entered the world
    (original sin)…that Satan hates the woman…hates the womb, (the vessel that
    God used to send our salvation) and wants to kill, deceive and destroy
    that which was created in the image of God.

2. Now that the Holy Spirit has broken your heart, you need to do something…but WHAT?  It’s time to be brave and go to the abortion clinic to pray and witness and possibly save a life!  But the abortion clinic is in busy downtown Pittsburgh!   If you are from the suburbs like me, you are scared to even drive into the city…let alone stand on the busy city sidewalk and publicly pray and witness!  So, how do you do this?

  • You  decide to take a test run on a Sunday, when there is no traffic, plenty of
    parking and the sidewalks are quiet.  You get in the car and find the
    address.  You park and walk up to the doors of the clinic.  You
    peer inside the glass and put your hands on the handles of the closed
    abortion clinic door and think about all the hands that have opened that
    door.  You decide this is important.  This requires sacrifice
    and determination.  You commit to coming regularly to pray, mo matter
  • The  next “abortion day” at the clinic, you dress warmly and gather the sign
    you have made.  Feeling very nervous, you drive into town in busy
    morning traffic.  With butterflies in your stomach and palms
    sweating, you find a parking spot in a garage.  Carrying the sign
    with a picture of an abortion victim toward your body, so others cannot
    see it…you begin to walk the three blocks to the clinic.  While you
    walk, you are praying “Lord, walk with me.  Be with me.”
    You begin to actually sense His Presence, His comfort and His
    encouragement.  Your faith gets stronger with each step, and you
    learn how trustworthy our God is.
    You feel a little
    braver.  When you arrive at the abortion clinic, you are relieved to
    see others who are standing there as well.  After introducing
    yourself, you put your sign in front of you and begin your witness…all the
    while praying.  People walking by look at you and you look back.  You notice people in their cars looking at you.  At  first you are a little embarrassed, but after a while you begin to feel  like you are doing something…standing up for what you believe in…and you  begin to feel a little bolder.  Not proud…but bold.  As  you see people looking at you and your sign, you think to yourself “maybe  they are considering an abortion…or maybe they know someone who is  considering an abortion, and maybe seeing my witness will be enough to  change their mind.”    It feels satisfying to
    actually do something…finally!  You decide you will do this every
    week, no matter what.  You will be a witness to the incredible value
    of each and every life.
  • Your  life is never the same after this.  There are times when you are  cursed at, even felt mildly threatened.  Your life is  in some ways more difficult.  But it is better…and lives are  saved.  You will never forget the first time that you learn of  a life saved because of your witness…that cold October day that
    you stood on the sidewalk, holding your sign, and you noticed a young
    woman walking purposely towards you.  You will never forget the words
    that came out of her mouth… “I just had a baby girl three days ago…”(as
    she holds her hand out to show you the hospital band still on her wrist
    “I got off my bus a stop early, hoping that I would see you here!”
    She says breathlessly.  “I just wanted to tell you that I was  going to have an abortion last February, but when I saw you standing here
    in the cold…and I knew you didn’t have to be here… I decided that I
    couldn’t do it.  My baby girl, Melawnya, is PERFECT!  She is
    SUCH a BLESSING!  Thank you SO much for being here!”

    You remember how your eyes welled up with tears as you hugged this tiny
    woman, before she turned and disappeared into the bustling crowd.
    You are forever thankful to God for saving this little life, and ponder
    the plans He has for her.

This is how my story began.  If your heart has been broken over abortion, and you are ready to let God use you to change hearts and save lives, please consider participating in this Lenten 40 Days for Life.  You can sign up for a time slot at the 40 Day vigil at Planned
Parenthood at

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