Lindsay’s Reflections from Sunday 11/6/11 Prayer Vigil, 2nd Shift, 11am – 3pm:

All is Calm, All is Bright…Holy Infant, so Tender and Mild: The final 2nd shift of 40 Days for Life, Fall 2011, was at first glance seemingly uneventful.  It was peaceful and calm, and the gorgeous Fall day was sunny, bright and warm everywhere else but in the shadow of the Planned Parenthood at 933 Liberty Avenue in Pittsburgh.  No one really stopped to talk with us, and there wasn’t much in the way of pedestrians or traffic. The only obvious “excitement” was when a man in a passing car yelled “Fascists!” at us.  But, according to the definition of the term Fascist, peaceful Christian pro-lifers are quite the opposite of that.  Fascism is defined as “a political philosophy, movement or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual, and that stands for an autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader and forcible suppression of opposition”.  But the “philosophy” of the peaceful Christian pro-lifer is actually to exalt the individual right to life above nation, irregardless of race. And our “movement” is to oppose the forcible suppression of the individual pre-born, by following the free-will non-dictatorial leadership of God’s holy “regime”; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

But, aside from being wrongfully called Fascists, the day was calm and bright, and not seemingly “blog-worthy”.  So I asked God to inspire me on what he wanted me to write.  And later that day, He revealed to my memory a subtle coincidence that I didn’t quite catch at the time:  That two separate prayer groups at two entirely different times had “coincidentally” chosen to sing the Christmas song “Silent Night” on a 60+ degree sunny, warm, calm and bright Fall day.  

Maybe 3-weeks before Advent begins, this Christmas song “coincidence” is not really that amazing, nor “blog-worthy”.  Maybe it was just pure coincidence.  But either way you want to look at it, in the darkness of the shadows that forever seem to embrace 933 Liberty Avenue, God once again “delivered” calm and bright Hope through His fully divine Son, whose fully human body developed for nine-months in a humble human womb.  Through a virginal, pure womb, God miraculously delivered to the world a Holy Infant, so Tender and Mild.  At no point during these nine-months in the human womb was Jesus “just” an undeveloped blob of tissue, as our pro-choice friends like to argue!  All thanks be to God that His Holy Infant was spared in the womb from the fascism of abortion.  All thanks be to God that Jesus Christ was miraculously and humbly Conceived, gestated, and born of a human womb to set us all free from the dark fascism of sin. Amen!

Pictured: The Franey & Holland Family from St. Mary (Export) and St. Peter (Somerset), respectively.  It was Janine Franey’s 50th Birthday, and coming to 40 Days for Life Pittsburgh with her family was her one birthday wish. Her sign reflects her gratitude that her mother chose life for her 50 years ago!  Andy Holland’s sign also reflects gratitude that his maternal mother chose life for him, so that he could be adopted by a loving family.  The young woman on the far right, a Franey/Holland family member, “coincidentally” sang a solo verse of Silent Night for us. She has a well trained, beautiful crystal clear voice.  It could be another coincidence but I believe the sun and warmth of the calm, bright day finally hit 933 Liberty Avenue after she shared her delightful singing voice with us!

One thought on “Lindsay’s Reflections from Sunday 11/6/11 Prayer Vigil, 2nd Shift, 11am – 3pm:

  • January 3, 2012 at 3:29 pm

    Please keep me informed of all the great work you do. I attend Saints Peter and Paul Church in Beaver, PA and would like to see you advertise your 40 days for life in our bulletin. Our new pastor’s name is Fr. Bob Miller, and the church’s no. is (724)775-4111. Thank you very much, and God bless you for what you do in saving many lives from the evils of abortion. May you have a happy and blessed New Year.
    Yours truly,
    Edward Kinkead


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