Day 41, Reflections by Nikki

I woke up this morning relieved to not have to rush downtown to do my “shift” at the place that kills children for money.  A thought went through my head.  I bet Planned Parenthood is also relieved this morning!  I know that we took a toll on them with our constant peaceful presence!  We need a time to rest and refresh between 40 day campaigns…unfortunately that gives the abortion clinics a chance to rest also.  But, we have to trust God that He will use our 40 day efforts to chip away at the enemy’s territory and with each campaign, gain more ground for His Kingdom.

Our closing ceremony last evening was wonderful.  Thank you all for coming together for a time of unity, friendship and fellowship.  Thanks to Susan and Claire from Catholic Charities for being so supportive of our efforts and allowing us to use your beautiful facilities!  To all our shift managers…those who were there and those that weren’t…THANK YOU!  From the bottom of my heart, thank you!  Without your sacrifice, these campaigns wouldn’t be possible.  I especially want to thank Al and Sally, and Jim and Cathy…for going above-and-beyond by taking numerous weekly shifts at the vigil!  Also, Lisa, for helping me with the leadership by managing all the shift manager’s schedules.  Melissa, for helping with the vigil scheduling, Meredith for communicating with the churches prior to their commitments, Barbara for following up with them afterwards, and Timothy for managing the website.  I want to thank the band Intent and their manager, Erica…for being so supportive of 40 Days for Life and blessing us again and again with their amazing talents!!!  Thanks also to Rev. Steve Hubbard for providing the music for our candlelit hymns, and for Rev. John Patterson for his enduring support of our efforts.  I want to thank all the pastors who have been supportive of our efforts and have encouraged their parishioners to participate!  (You will be hearing from me in January!)

Our next 40 days is during Lent, which begins on February 22nd and ends on April 1st.  It will be COLD standing at the vigil in February!!!  I hope you will consider helping us to ease the burden on our current shift managers during this spring campaign.  It will be very difficult for us to stand in the freezing weather for 4-hour shifts…so I hope that we hear from some of you that would be willing to be a “Shift Manager Buddy”.  A “buddy” would simply be paired up with one of our current shift managers to help share the load.  The two of you could work out your shift however you like.  You could decide to do the entire 4 hours together if you like, or you could split it up into two (2-hour) shifts.  If you would consider doing this, please email me to let me know.  I will tell you that our shift managers say that the experience has blessed them!  It is a lot of work, that is true…but they continue to do it because there is satisfaction and blessing that comes from being used by God in this particular way.  We are in the process of creating a page on our website to recognize our team members and shift managers.  We are still waiting for some of them to submit their photos and “bio’s”, but many are already posted.  If you would like to see the faces of our 40 days team, go to

I look forward to talking to you again next year!

Your sister in Christ,


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