Day 39, Third Shift…Reflections by Barbara

Tim graciously waited for me as I arrived late.  Kathy and I prayed Rosaries and the Divine Mercy Chaplet.  Later we were joined by John and Mary Ellen and finally by Lindsay and Richard.
The evening was quiet until just as it was getting dark.  A man hesitated and stopped in front of  Mary Ellen and me.  He was tall and at first we did not notice that tears were streaming down his face.  That definitely embarrassed him and he apologized.  He said that his daughter who had been living in South Bend had become pregnant last year.  She told him that she was too young to care for a child and was going for an abortion.  He told her he would support her decision. 
He paused.  “For some reason she changed her mind.  Her baby, Sophia, is 3 months old.  That little girl is one of the best things that has happened to our family.”
These 40 Days for Life have not ended abortion in America.  However, the vigil keepers praying and sharing at our vigils on the sidewalk in front of  Planned Parenthood downtown this fall have been in touch with so many souls suffering from abortion.  People hurt by abortion freely share their hearts as they tell their stories.  They are hungry to talk and for support.   They are hungry for absolution.
With love,

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