A new record crowd…and Photos from this morning!

In the early morning a huge amount of men came to pray at PP from a Christian Men’s Conference. Most chose to not sign in, but there were so many that PP called the police. They were not “blocking the sidewalk” but were “too far in from the curb and building”. Police simply asked them to move a little and went away. They left after about an hour of prayer, to be replaced by Father Tim’s large group, many from St. Killian, Living Hope, St. Vincent students, St. Joseph, Cabot, and many others.
A very nice lady came by to show us a prized Bible that she had just discovered in her grandfather’s possessions. He had written on the flyleaf in 1941. As we talked, I found out that she lives within easy traveling distance of two of the Women’s Choice Network sites, and she is a retired medical technician. I gave her their card and she seemed interested in possibly volunteering with them, and coming by to pray with us another day.

Here are some photos from this morning, taken by Pamela and Tim:

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