Day 38, Lot’s of Prayer Presence Today!

Bob is still sick, but Al had two ladies from St. Coleman in Turtle Creek who stayed for almost 3 hours. About a dozen other people came out to pray, including regular Friday people, Jessica, who has now been at PP at least 6 times, and some from North American Martyrs in Monroeville.
PP was moderately busy. One girl took literature and seemed interested in a free sonogram, but went in with her friend and did not come out. My shift lasted until 11:30 because Jim’s bus was stuck on the closed east busway while VP Biden’s motorcade went by.

The following photos were taken by Shift Manager Sheila, during the third shift today.  I am assuming that most of these wonderful folks are from Ascension Holy Name Society, which is the organization that adopted the last shift today.  Earlier North American Martyrs and St. John Neuman parish were there…although I don’t think we have any photos of them.  She also had the opportunity to talk with a young girl, “M” and her boyfriend, who are considering abortion.  They took the information directing them to the crisis pregnancy centers and told Sheila they would go.  Please pray for them.

You will notice all the trailers parked along Liberty Avenue.  They are for the filming of the Tom Cruise film.  We are witnesses even to the Hollywood folks that are visiting our town!

Thanks everyone!


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