Day 36…We continue to be a presence!

Well, it looks like we are all pulling together in these last few days, when church presence is sparce…we are finishing strong!  I think we are starting to bother the Planned Parenthood employees.  They won’t look at me and when I say “good morning”, they just ignore me.  Even the once-friendly security guard is walking right past without even making eye contact.  I guess after 36 days of constant presence, it must be having an effect on them.

This morning I was blessed to stand with Pete from St. Ferdinand’s in Cranberry.  He answered our call and came to make sure I didn’t witness alone.  Thanks Pete!  Then, at 9am Rose came to fill that hour.  Here is a photo of Pete and Rose:

Rose, Jessica and Nikki

A short time after Rose arrived, two other ladies just showed up.  Jessica and Joan.  Here is a photo of them, along with Linda, who frequently stops to pray:

Then two more suprise volunteers showed up…Morgan from Franciscan University and Meredith.  (I forgot to take a photo of Meredith, but here is a photo of Morgan):

When I was getting ready to leave at 11am, Fr. Tim and his very large group (Guardian’s for Life of Westmoreland & Indiana Counties and Knights of Columbus, Fr. McNelis Council) showed up.  What an inspiration they are!  Fr. Tim really takes charge and was leading his group in prayer.  Here are two photos of them (I couldn’t fit them all in one):

Thanks for helping us to finish strong!

Your sister,


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