Monday, Day 34 “It’s Always Darkest Just Before the Dawn”

On Monday, October 31st I was happy to have the company of a man named Dean from First Evangelical Free Church.  For most of the morning it was just the two of us standing in the FREEZING cold!  I don’t think I am ready for winter yet…I know it will get worse…so I’d better toughen up, and quick!  There was one sweet young girl, named “C”, who tried to get into the clinic very early.  It was only about 7:15am and the lights weren’t even turned on yet.  She was very happy to take information directing her to the many crisis pregnancy centers around Pittsburgh.  I hope she goes and finds real help.  Later in the morning, three very lost teenagers also tried to get in.  I gave them information as well, but after taking it, the boy began to light the information on fire with his lighter.  Very strange.  They couldn’t go in because the clinic was still closed…but I doubt they will seek help at our crisis pregnancy centers.  Everything was a joke to them…life is without meaning or consequence to them right now. 

After Dean left, I was alone for an hour until the end of my shift.  I don’t mind being alone at all…but it was SO COLD! The clinic was closed, and for the first time that I can remember, I really had to fight the urge to just leave!  It was strange, but I really wanted to just walk back to my car and go home.  The last 15 minutes I struggled against this urge.  Then, at 11am, my replacement, Rose arrived…along with a prayer volunteer named Lori.  It may have been my imagination, but I think at that exact moment, the sun also began to shine and the air got warmer!  Seriously, the weather and my frame of mind immediately brightened upon their arrival!  Here is a photo of them right after they showed up:

It is funny how when we are feeling discouraged things look so hopeless and dark…but then can change so quickly!  I wonder if that is how it will be when our government passes a law making abortion illegal in our nation.  Will the sun suddenly seem brighter and the air warmer?  The old cliche says “It’s always darkest just before the dawn.”  (I think those are lyrics from an old Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young song also…you can tell I have a husband that is an ex-hippie.)  But, those words are so true. 

You know, we are nearing the 40th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade.  I believe January of 2013 will mark 40 years of legalized abortion in our nation.  Could that be significant?  Could God be using “40 Days for Life” to bring an end to abortion after “40 years of abortion”?  I don’t doubt it.  So, if it looks bleak right now…and there seems to be no reason to hope…remember how BIG our God is…and that the dawn is coming!

I hope to see you at our closing event this Sunday!  Talking about encouraging!  Just seeing you all and getting time to fellowship will be very encouraging to all of us!  See you there!

Here is a photo from today, just sent to me by Lori:

Mary, Sally and Linda


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