God took care of the morning.

Bob was sick today, and Al was prepared to stand all alone from 7 to 9. So God sent Mary Jo, all the way from Canonsburg, to pray with him. Then He sent Mary Fashian to pray with me from 9 to 9:30, and had sent 6 others up till the time I left.

The abortionist and 2 students went into PP a little after 9. Although PP’s morning business was slow, one determined customer came alone in a cab all the way from Fayette County. Many people passing by “God blessed us”, including a young Hispanic man who was thrilled to see “activists” at PP.

For those who have prayed at 40 Days once, and then said, “OK, been there, done that” please know that this battle is ongoing.

This is from Fr. Frank Pavone on Day 2 of the current campaign: “We repent of every instance in which fear has made us silent, when we should have spoken. We repent of the ongoing bloodshed in our land, and for thinking that we can deprive the unborn of protection, but keep it for ourselves”.
Isn’t that powerful? How can any of us be “safe” when our unborn are in constant danger? We will never renew our country until we have beaten back the demon of child killing, and again made the womb a safe place to live and grow. And that means, speaking out for life, and our constant prayer and action at the crime scenes of our nation.

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  • November 2, 2011 at 12:21 pm

    Wow Sally…what truth you speak! Thanks to Mary Jo and others who came out to be witnesses yesterday!


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