Day 33, Good Shepherd Parish in Braddock and Good Samaritan & St. John in Baden hold vigil today!

I hope some of our shift managers took some photos from the vigil today.  If so, I will post them here.  Thanks to everyone who took part in our vigil today!  Also, thanks to all of you who are continuing to persevere in daily prayer and fasting.  If you are not getting the national daily devotionals, make sure to register to receive them by going to and click “Sign Me Up” on the top right side of the home page.  The devotionals and stories from the past few days were just beautiful.  Yesterday’s prayer talks about how God’s people are called to be an aroma of life in a culture of death.  That has really stuck with me.  When we are standing at the vigil, we are God’s aroma to those who pass by, and to those entering the clinic. 

Today Melissa and I met in the North Hills and went door to door distributing flyers and explaining 40 Days for Life to folks who answered their doors.  We were an aroma of life to them.  Not all who spoke to us liked the aroma…it was a stench to some of them.  But all in all, it was a positive experience for both of us.  I really enjoyed talking to people, and getting some exercise too! 

Your sister,


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