Miserable rainy/snowy morning

About 30 people braved the miserable weather conditions to pray at Planned Parenthood this morning. At least 10 churches were represented, with more than a dozen people being from St. Elizabeth.
Planned Parenthood was not as busy as yesterday, but even one destroyed child and one mother’s ruined life is too many. We were especially praying for “A”, who did not want to kill her third child but “had no choice”. She listened, and took literature, but said, “I’m know I’m going to hell, but I have to do it”. She came out to smoke, and spent much time time on the phone (probably talking with the person who wanted her to do it). When I caught my bus she was still inside. About a dozen of us prayed for her the entire time. Please keep her in your prayers.

Photos from Today:

Amy with her group from Oakland Catholic took the third shift today
Ann and Paul from St. Ursula's in Allison Park, and Eileen, Krista and Luke from Redeemer Orthodox Presbyterian
Brian from St. Margaret Mary's in Moon, and Kellie from Catholic Mom's
Rick from Church of the Assumption in Bellvue
Shift Manager Maggie, with her children

It is so inspiring to see how many folks are willing to sacrifice their time and comfort to come out on a cold rainy, snowy day to be a witness for life!

Thank you!

One thought on “Miserable rainy/snowy morning

  • October 29, 2011 at 4:36 pm

    Sally, that is SO SAD about that poor woman “A”. I will pray for her, if she went through with the abortion…that she realizes she can be forgiven if she just asks. And that she seeks post abortion healing! Thanks everyone for praying for her!


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