Very Busy Day

A very large percentage of those going in on this extremely busy morning were African-American. Many were coming out after an hour or less, which usually means an appointment for chemical contraception or RU-486. One girl went in to get information for a friend, came out with it, and then also took information from us. Another girl took literature from me and allowed me to talk with her for a few minutes before going in with her boyfriend and an older man. We had many more pray-ers than usual from St. Mary’s in Glenshaw, St. Elizabeth in South Hills & St. Alphonsus in Wexford. Before I left quite a few had arrived from St. Bernadette in Monroeville to cover the 11-3 time.
We stand in amazement as so many couples rush in to kill their children. I recently read a sentence that explains it all. “Satan twists sin into “freedom”, and people do not use God’s laws to discern the truth!” How true!

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