Day 31…Thank you St. Mary’s in Glenshaw, St. Bernadette’s in Monroeville and 40 Days for Life Family!

This morning at the vigil many courageous members from St. Mary of the Assumption in Glenshaw filled the sidewalks…lead by our faithful and dependable Ginny!  Here is a photo of them:

Wonderful group from St. Mary's in Glenshaw

The second shift today was covered by many from St. Bernadette’s but unfortunately no one has sent me a photo of them yet.  If someone does, I will post it.

The third shift today had no church coverage, and our shift manager Sheila was in danger of having to spend a couple hours standing alone.  I sent out an email asking for help…and sure enouph…help arrived!  Here is a photo of the awesome brothers and sisters in Christ who showed up to help!

Laure and her baby Evangeline. Thanks to Laure's generosity...we have this blog site! She is the one who created it for us!
Brothers and Sisters who answered the call for help!

I feel so blessed to see how we are pulling together in prayer, fasting and supporting all of our amazing shift managers at our vigil!  I can’t believe we are beginning our final week next week!  Thanks so much, my dear friends, for making this vigil possible and for giving up your time, comfort and convenience to be a witness to our city that abortion is wrong and we are praying for it to end!


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