Day 30…we rallied!

I want to thank everyone who responded to my (rather desperate) email yesterday and committed to help out at the vigil.  We managed to maintain the vigil and our first-time shift manager, Nancy, said she was blessed by the experience.  Many men who worked in the city stopped by to stand with her during breaks from their jobs…plus a woman named Kathy came from Memorial Park Church.  Another man responded to the need later in the afternoon and stood vigil with our shift manager Barbara….along with Katie, who has helped us by signing up for many vigil hours where we had no church coverage.

This morning was a blessed time as well.  A typical Thursday morning, the clinic was closed except for many staff who were entering.  Right before I leave at 11, it seems to open to customers.  The pastor of Fairmount Presbyterian Church came and stood with me for most of the morning, and it was a blessing getting to pray with him and discuss various matters of faith.  Here is a picture of the two of us this morning, along with Linda…who regularly pops in to pray with us:

And here’s a photo of shift manager Beth, who showed up to take over for me:

Let’s keep pressing on to the finish!  We have lots of open hours next week!  Please consider filling one of them if you can!


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