Day 29…a Baby Saved!

Today the church that was scheduled for this morning was a no-show, but thanks to God our shift manager husband and wife duo were there as witnesses for Life, and they managed to turn away a young woman who was headed into Planned Parenthood for a scheduled abortion!  Here is a photo of Rev. John and his wife Carole from the vigil this morning:

Our vigil may break down this morning, as the church that was scheduled for this afternoon hasn’t showed up yet…and our shift manager is doing this for the first time feels uncomfortable standing there all alone.  So, she may decide to leave.  If you come to the vigil this afternoon, there may not be anyone present…so please let us know if you can help!  Call me at 412-926-9413!

UPDATE!  Three wonderful men replied to my email and went down to stand with our shift managers!  Two went down to be with Nancy, and one is going to go down later to stand with Barbara!  Also, one woman did show up from the second church that was scheduled!!!  See, we really are family!  How encouraging!  Thank you!!!

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