When will people realize that children are a blessing?

A cold start to a beautiful day. The faithful few, Bob, Al, Lillian, Mary, were at PP in the early hours, surprisingly joined by Bob and Maureen Lingg. Bob, walking well with a cane, is doing a super job recovering from hip replacement surgery just 6 weeks ago. We were later joined by seven wonderful people from the South Hills Pregnancy Resource Center, praying up a storm between 10 and noon.
This Tuesday, was surprisingly, and happily un-busy, at least in the morning hours. One family tore at my heart as mother and father took their young teen in to kill their grandchild. They do not seem to understand that they are not “getting rid of a problem” they are destroying the grandchild who would have brought so much future joy into their lives. If only people would realize that children are a huge blessing!!

Here are some photos of the warriors for life that came to the vigil today:

Pro-Life veterans Sally, Maureen, Lillian and Mary
Bob and Mary Kay
Great group during the second shift of day 28, including veterans of the battle, John and Judy, Meredith and Mary Katherine with her friends

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