Possible save this morning.

Many pray-ers this morning, from many different churches, including Fr. Tim and a large group from Indiana.

A baby was possibly saved. A girl was waiting for her friend who was going to have an abortion. She was hostile to Al and Bob, but Mary Kay was able to engage her in conversation. As a nurse, Mary Kay was able to tell her all the problems that women have because of abortion, and as a single mom she was able to tell her how she had chosen life for her now grown daughter. The girl “M” listened intently. Her friend, who had scheduled the abortion never arrived. Mary Kay was able to give “M” referrals and literature for her friend. “M” eventually left, thanking Mary Kay for all the new information. Please pray for “M” to be able to help her friend “V” to choose life.

As usual, PP was very busy. One couple that entered was especially troubling because the woman, who got out of the car at the door, was very bent over and walked with difficulty.

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