A Message of Truth

Yesterday, October 17th,  a number of people were downtown at the vigil throughout the course of the day.  There were no groups scheduled so a huge thank you to those who sacrificed to be there and make sure ALL the hours were covered!  Here are pictures of just some of those folks from the early morning and afternoon shifts.

Pete from St. Ferdinands and Joe stand together.  Pete signed up for the first two hours to fill the empty slot. Thanks Pete!

Sandy & Michelle, two moms from a catholic church in the Latrobe area, stood for life with all these wonderful children!


Michelle and her children


Joe, Beth, and Marilyn looking great, as always!

Prayer Volunteer and Shift Manager Dee
More prayer warriors!

Of course there were others.  Thanks to all of you for making it happen yesterday.  To God be the glory!

On another note, I’d like to share a short story that was relayed to us from Sue McGrath who attends St. Sebastian. Here it is in her own words: 

While praying on Saturday morning, Oct. 15, at Planned Parenthood with our church group, a young man came up to us to thank us profusely for what we were doing.  He told us that he and his girlfriend have a child, and later she became pregnant with their second.  She aborted the second child without telling him.  The man said this hurt him so badly when he found out about the abortion that he could not speak to his girlfriend for months.  It was not clear whether they are still together as a couple, but the hurt in this young man’s eyes and voice over the lost child were very real, and his thanks to us was heartfelt.  Living proof that abortion hurts fathers as well as mothers.

Keep this young man and his girlfriend in your prayers.  The faithful few, Sue and the others standing that day, paved the way for this man to have the opportunity to express himself and be shown the love of God.  This is just another example of why we need to continue to sacrifice and make ourselves available to the people in our city.  We do that by standing on the sidewalk with a message of truth.






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  • October 24, 2011 at 7:33 am

    We will pray for that man and his girlfriend. We also pray for 5 other men who have asked for prayers because they regret their part in abortion. People just do not realize that abortion devastates more than the mom and baby. It hurts the father, grandparents and extended family for generations to come.


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