Shift Manager Lindsay reflects on experiences from Sunday’s vigil

The following was written by Lindsay, from Sunday’s shift:

Today, we were blessed by gorgeous fall weather by which to stand vigil for Life, downtown. Occasional blustery winds would wreak havoc on our “Pray to End Abortion” signs, but other than that it was perfect Pittsburgh weather. I was blessed by God to have at least one volunteer praying with me nearly the entire time, seven wonderful volunteers all told. I was flattered by all of their gentle Christian spirits of love, hope and faith, and by their courage and fortitude. May God Bless them all!

While there, we were approached by a young male couple who asked us if we felt that they should have been aborted, since they (felt like they had been) “born gay”! We lovingly told them that God Created them (and us) for His Purpose, and that He (and we) LOVED them, and that we are ALL expected to do His Will, and abide by His Laws. They seem truly touched to hear the Good News. May God’s healing grace be upon these young men.

Another young man, who seemed very intellectual, approached us. He told us that our pictures of the pre-born are false, that at 12 weeks pre-born babies are really “just blobs”. I told him that was not true, but even if for the sake of argument they are “just blobs”, that they are living “blobs” Created in God’s Image and Likeness for His purpose, and that (the young man) too was once “just a blob” who had also deserved (and received) a shot at life. He shocked us by saying that some people don’t deserve a shot at life. We lovingly disagreed, and he moved along. May God heal this young man of the darkness which shadows his heart and mind. May the Light of Christ illuminate this young man’s heart instead for Love, and his mind for Truth.


Here are some photos from the last shift of today:

Nice group, including Shift managers Jim and Cathy, and John and Mary Ellen



John, Mary Ellen and Cathy

CIM Group at Christ Church at Grove Farm


Sara and young Gabriel, and Amy from CIM at Christ Church at Grove Farm


Tim and Maureen from Christ Church

2 thoughts on “Shift Manager Lindsay reflects on experiences from Sunday’s vigil

  • October 19, 2011 at 9:58 am

    Wow Lindsay, what wnderful opportunities to witness the love of Christ to people who needed to hear it! Thank you for you faithfulness!

  • October 24, 2011 at 7:43 am

    Why do people sometimes deny that our baby pictures are accurate? Because it is easier to be comfortable with the thought of “taking out a blob” than it is to think of dismembering a living child who has a heartbeat, especially if they might have been a party to abortion. That man, and so many others, need our prayers.


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