A student

On Saturday I went to PP to pray and stand for life from 5 – 7pm as it was Holy Wisdom’s day to pray.  I joined Jeannie, our shift manager, Tom and Carol Nypaver, Barbara and Richard Lewis and a couple from St.Kilian’s.  We prayed the rosary and were met with some hand shakers and thumbs up from passersby.  One young man was very upset by our presence there and angrily argued with us; we couldn’t convince him we weren’t judging him.  We ended the conversation by saying we would pray for him as he huffed off.   Even though he said he didn’t need our prayers, we will keep him in ours.  A highlihgt for  me was when a student from DeVry Institute asked Jeannie for information as she is writing a paper for class on aborton and wanted something that explained the stages of life.  Jeannie gave her 3 pamphlets and showed her the phone numbers to get more info if she needs it.  She seemed very pleased and said she was against abortion.  Let’s pray this paper makes an impact not only on her teacher, but her fellow students as well.  As always, I am so blessed when I go to pray at PP.  God is good!

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