A Second Baby Saved in Pittsburgh!

I received some good news when I showed up at the vigil this morning!  Crystal, who had come to pray from Living Word Church shared the following story with me:

She explained that she works with a woman whose 36 year old daughter is pregnant.  This woman told Crystal that her daughter, “K”, had an abortion scheduled at Planned Parenthood this past Tuesday morning, but when she showed  up for her appointment, she saw there were people praying and holding signs…and she decided that she just couldn’t walk past them to go into Planned Parenthood!  So, she went home and called her mother.  She told her mother that she was afraid walk past the people who were praying and asked if her mother would accompany her…for moral support.  Her mother refused, and told her she does not support her decision to abort.  Apparently this young woman’s conscience is starting to bother her, and she is now having second thoughts about having the abortion!  She has one living child already, and has had two abortions in the past.  I gave Crystal some information about our local crisis pregnancy centers to share with her friend…and also some post-abortive healing information.  So, members of St. Robert Bellarmine Parish in East McKeesport…and members from First Evangelical Free Church in McKeesport…God used your presence at our vigil this Tuesday to change a mind!  At least for now…please pray for “K” that her conscience continues to convict her, and that she will seek out help and a free ultrasound at one of our crisis pregancy centers!

You know, it is an amazing gift from God that we even found out about this save.  If “K’s” mother didn’t happen to work with someone who was participating in 40 Days for Life, we would have never known the impact our prayer witnesses had on Tuesday!  Thanks to God that He is continuing to answer Bernie’s prayer and He is continuing to give us “Rainbows” to encourage us…in addition to the actual rainbow that He already gave us!  And thank God that “K” has a mother who was willing to stand up for what she knows is right!  Which reminds me of something an older man said as he passed our witness today.  He looked sad as he walked by…seeing our signs…and he said, “I took my daughter for an abortion and I have regretted it every day of my life…I still regret it…it was the worst thing I ever did.”  He said this as he was walking, so I didn’t have time to offer him any information…but how sad.

So, just remember, even when we think our witness isn’t making a difference…it just may be saving a life! 

There are two churches representing Christ at our vigil today.  See below for some photos:

Mary from St. Catherine's with Joy and Josiah from Living Word Church in Penn Hills
Crystal from Living Word Church
Mary Ann and Erica
Pastor Shawn from Living Word Church
St. Catherine's and Living Word are the witness for Life today!
Beth, Mary Ann, Joy and Josiah

Thank you Lord for such an encouraging week in Pittsburgh!


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