Day 10, St. Irenaeus in Oakmont & Holy Sepulcher in Butler

It was another beautiful day to stand up for unborn life in Pittsburgh!  Our vigil was maintained all day with folks from St. Irenaeus Parish in Oakmont, and Holy Sepulcher Parish in Butler.  Many other folks also stopped by to pray!  Here are some photos from today:

St. Irenaeus Parish lead by Fr. Frank
Wonderful group this afternoon, including St. Irenaeus folks and Holy Sepulcher, also Susan and her children
More saints from St. Irenaeus

More news…today Pittsburgh made the national blog!  Make sure to check it out at 

Also, due to the large numbers of prayer volunteers attending our vigil at Planned Parenthood on Saturday mornings, I feel it is my responsibility to warn them of the following:  

Planned Parenthood really hates it when there is a large crowd of “Protesters” (in their minds, that’s what we are).  They will most likely call the police for anything they can think of, and are just looking for an opportunity to shut us down.  The volunteer escorts from Planned Parenthood may act aggressively and try to get a reaction from our prayer participants.  This is a reminder to please make every effort to be peaceful, respectful and non-confrontational when dealing with the police, the escorts and the Planned Parenthood staff.  Do not give them any excuse to shut us down.  Go above and beyond courtesy…bend over backwards to show them kindness!  The bible says that showing kindness to our enemies is actually like heaping burning coals on their heads!  So, remember the Statement of Peace that we all should have signed, and remember that our God is a God of justice, and He is the One who will be seeing them in court! 

God bless you all! 



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