Day 9, Our 40 Days for Life Family rallies together to maintain the vigil!

I was so encouraged and inspired to see folks sign up to fill our vigil today.  We have no church presence there until the last shift (3pm-7pm), when St. Bernadette’s Parish in Monroeville will carry the torch.  So, when we sent out the email last week telling our family of our need, you responded!  I feel so blessed that the Lord gave us 40 Days for Life to band us together in unity…so we can all work together with one goal…to end abortion!  Towards the later half of our 40 days we have many days like today…with no church coverage.  I hope and pray that we can continue to support each other by each filling in where we can.  Today, it was important that we were there.  At about 10am, two young girls showed up and were trying to get into Planned Parenthood.  Luckily, the doors were not yet unlocked, and I was able to talk with them.  The one girl, Jada, had taken a pregnancy test at home and it was positive.  So she had come for another one.  I was able to give her information directing her to Women’s Choice Network…which happened to be open in Oakland at that time.  They left, looking for a bus to take them to Oakland, along with educational literature about fetal development and a little 12 week fetal model.  I pray they make it to Women’s Choice Network or one of our other wonderful Crisis Pregnancy centers…and don’t return later to Planned Parenthood.

Here are some photos of some of my brothers and sisters who came to hold our vigil this morning:

Sisters Barbara and Nancy drove all the way from Butler to stand with me during the early 7am hour!
Kim & Marie from St. Alphonsus kept vigil with me
Marie and Kim drove in from Wexford to stand with me for the 9 O'clock hour, and Vic stood for two hours, beginning at 8:00.
Mary Ann came for the 10 O'clock hour and was there as the second shift manager, Lisa, arrived.
First-Timer Chris (from St. Alphonsus) bravely signed up for 3 hours, so that Shift Manager Lisa wouldn't stand alone!

When I see young people, who have never done this before…stepping out in faith and courage, and driving into Pittsburgh to stand on a public sidewalk to witness to the dignity and sanctity of human life…it gives me the encouragement that I need to continue leading this campaign.  Thanks to ALL who came out this morning, and to all who will be coming tonight with St. Bernadette’s!  See some photos taken by Lori and Tim from the later shifts on this day:

Fr. Tony Gargotta, Pat, Lisa & Laura from St. Bernadette's in Monroeville
More saints from St. Bernadette' "regular" Susan
Christians unite on Day 9's last shift from many different churches!

And here’s one taken by Lisa during the afternoon:

God bless you,


One thought on “Day 9, Our 40 Days for Life Family rallies together to maintain the vigil!

  • October 6, 2011 at 2:22 pm

    A possible save thanks to you and the others who were there for Jada. I hope that someday soon we can have someone at PP every morning. Sally


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