Happenings from the past few days……

Slightly edited from shift manager Jim, from 10/2:

Rain and cold and prayer.  Met some friends from long ago at the vigil and we prayed together to see the end of abortion.  Some harassment from the bar next door.  Drunk patron trying to get us to go home.  We just prayed the harder even with the music turned up.  Hope this doesn’t become a daily occurrence since the language and intimidation was pretty bad. 

Slightly edited from shift manager Beth, from 10/4:

What a wonderful, wet day at 40 Days for Life. During the afternoon shift, we met Jonathan, who was on his way from Washington to three colleges in Ohio to discuss the pro-life stand. He was wearing his 40 Days for Life sweatshirt and said that he had just finished co-coordinating some similar events in Virginia and Maryland. If this 30 year-old is the future of the pro-life movement, halleluiah! We exchanged information and he gave us lots of contacts and references to further the cause.

Then, a woman stopped, and was talking to some of us about her abortion so many years ago, and how she believed her son’s suicide was God’s “revenge” for that abortion. Our shift manager and others offered sympathy and the knowledge of God’s love and forgiveness. The woman took the Rachel’s Vineyard literature, and said she was going to do the retreat.

I went home feeling inspired and lucky to have participated.

One thought on “Happenings from the past few days……

  • October 6, 2011 at 8:57 am

    We hope Johathan stays in touch and that there are many more like him out there to someday replace us.

    We will pray for the woman who had the abortion so long ago. She needs the healing that Rachel’s Vineyard offers.


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