Day 8 – We Gather Together

Upon arriving at Planned Parenthood, I met Jessica and Gary, two young adults, like myself, ready to take a stand, pray, and share their testimonies with people around them.  By the way, they both had incredible testimonies!  I was looking forward to spending time out there with them on the front lines.  It was just the three of us.

Shortly thereafter, seemingly out of nowhere, Nathaniel and Pete showed up.  They had been released from school early, and, instead of going home to relax or do their own thing, these brothers knew where they wanted to be.  And there they were, right at the place God had called them to.

Next thing you know, we were welcoming Vince.  Although he normally attends on some Saturdays, he took a bus into the city to meet up and pray.  He was so knowledgable.  We had a great time of prayer and some great conversation to go along with it. 

I saw a woman walking up the sidewalk, and she stopped where we were.  I didn’t know Jessica’s mom, Hana, had been on her way all along.  Having been involved in pro-life issues for quite some time, she knew her stuff, and she was a great addition to the team.

As our time was winding down, others were already there to take our place. 

P.S.  You’ll just have to trust me on all this.  We were so in the moment, we forgot to take pictures!  Whoops!

P.S.S. Thanks for reading this entire post.  If you hadn’t, you would have missed this most important message.  I should have mentioned it first, but here it is.  We met a woman, Linda.  Her 25 year old daughter, Darnika, is 5 months pregnant and still considering abortion.  Linda is totally pro-life, and is a huge support and influence in her daughter’s life.  She assured us she isn’t going to let this abortion happen, if she has anything to do with it. When she heard all about the Women’s Choice Network and the services they provide, she was so excited.  She said she may stop back where we are located, and, if she does, you can’t miss her.  She’ll bring so much joy and encouragement with her.  SO, everyone, keep an eye out!

One thought on “Day 8 – We Gather Together

  • October 6, 2011 at 9:01 am

    We will pray for Darnika. If she would have an abortion, it would be devistating for her and her Mom. Please, God, help Darnika to chose life!! Sally


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