Day 8, Fourth Presbyterian & Emmanuel Christian Church

Rev. John Patterson and his wife Carol were our Shift Managers this morning, and they were happy to welcome members from Fourth Presbyterian Church, and young Jessica from Sts. John and Paul in Cranberry…who has been emboldened and inspired to come frequently by herself.  Lori stopped by to take a photo this morning and sent the following:

Rev. John & Rev. Eric from Fourth Presbyterian
Rev. Eric, Jessica, Carol, Rev. John and Frank

Although our numbers are small, I am encouraged by all who are sacrificing time and comfort to come represent Christ at a place that so needs Him!  Our Lord delights in using a small remnant to accomplish His Great Works!!!

This afternoon our vigil will be maintained by members of Emmanuel Christian Church.  A photo will be posted later.

The following photos were sent in by Lori, our 40 Days for Life photographer, and were taken during the last shift of the day, while Barbara Lewis was manager:

Katie from SHAG and Erica from Life Church
April from Life Church
Susan, with Shift Manager, Barbara

Keep up the prayers, fasting and vigil!  We are making a difference!


One thought on “Day 8, Fourth Presbyterian & Emmanuel Christian Church

  • October 5, 2011 at 8:54 pm

    As told by Shift Manager, Rev. John Patterson: There was a major increase in the number of women going into Planned Parenthood between 9:45 and 11:00 am. I would say around ten souls with their boyfriends or girlfriends (a few were by themselves).
    This was a Wednesday. I think shift managers should be aware of this and be prepared at the edges of the “bubble zone” to hand out pro-life lit. and offer advice. It may take someone who has some expertise at spotting those heading for an abortion. Are abortions done here every day now?

    Rev. John Patterson
    Shift Manager


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