Day 6 Blessings Rain Down

This morning was a blessed time at the vigil. I had the honor to stand with members of my own church, Riverside Community Church in Oakmont.  The morning was quiet, with just Cathy, Dick and I;

Cathy & Dick from RCC

Later, we were joined by a whole crew of courageous women from Riverside.  Here is a photo of them:

Esmeralda, Michelle, Ginny, Caara, Cathy, Jessica and Cruz Maria
Cathy, Cruz Maria and Esmeralda from RCC

Although the rain continued, we enjoyed the fellowship, prayed together and allowed the Holy Spirit to shine through us at this dark place.  Jessica came by herself to join us…after conquering her fears last week and coming for the first time.  As we were ready to leave, Fr. Tim’s Guardians for Life of Indiana and Westmoreland County group arrived to hold vigil for the following two hours.  Cathy Zuza was also there to represent St. Juan Diego’s parish, and will stand with Shift Managers Rose and Beth for the second shift. The last shift will be taken by Shift Manager Melissa and her father.  So far no one else has signed up to stand with them…hopefully some will just show up. 

Guardians for Life of Indiana & Westmoreland Counties
Fr. Tim leads his group in song

Upon completion of my shift, Cathy and I were on our way back to the parking garage, and a young girl was sitting on the wet sidewalk asking for change.  I went into the restaurant to get her a sandwich while my friend Cathy stayed and spoke with her and her friend.  It turns out they are both homeless and traveling, trying to make their way to California.  They are pan-handling to get money for a bus ticket.  The Light of Light mission is full, and they don’t have anywhere to stay.  They didn’t look more than 18 years old.  Cathy witnessed to them about Christ, and prayed with them and gave them her bible….after recommending to them to start in the book of John.  I found out this morning that she really has the gift of evangelism!  It was a blessing to be a part of all that happened this morning.  The Spirit of the Lord is truly moving here in Pittsburgh and in our nation!

Your in Christ,


One thought on “Day 6 Blessings Rain Down

  • October 4, 2011 at 9:14 am

    I was blessed yesterday on my split shift from 11 – 1:30. Fr. Tim and his lovely group were there and we prayed out loud from 11 – 1pm. Time flew by. After they left at 1pm my son Bob arrived, during his lunch hour, to pray a rosary with Cathy and I. As Beth, my repacement, came as I have to leave early, a woman named Karen was asking if they did abortions there (at PP) and we said “yes.” She then proceded to tell me that she had an abortion years ago and God paid her back because her son recently committed suicide. I told her gently that God doesn’t work that way, and the two incidents were separate and God forgives her for her abortion. Beth handed me the pink broshure to give her with info about an upcoming healing after abortion retreat, which she accepted. She also said she still lives in the house where the suicide happened and I suggested to her to have a priest come and bless her house. She had previously told me she went to a Catholic school. I recommended a Church near where she lives and she said she would go visit the priest. Please pray for her that she receives the healing she needs and the truth that God loves her.
    There were at least two other women who told me they had had abortions, and I told them God forgives them and loves them.
    It is always a blessing to pray at PP and see what God does if we are willing to be His instruments!


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