Sunday groups had different experiences

Quoted from Jen, Sunday AM shift manager: “Beautiful to note that a dozen people came over the course of the shift, despite the ugly weather! Thank you and God bless you, too! :)”

Also from Sunday, slightly edited info from shift manager Nikki W.:  

“Things went very well, but one man verbally attacked the young girl I was with.  He was very angry with us, calling us stupid.  He kept insisting that she was a “Catholic nut,” but she wasn’t even Catholic.  She handled herself very well.  I was inspired and proud of her and her gumption. She handled persecution like a pro.” 

Yes, we have a battle to fight.  Any way the devil can use to attack us and distract us, he will.  But we are not alone.  We stand united in prayer and the name of Jesus Christ.  We must not be afraid.

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