Day 4, Many Prayer Warriors Today!

According to our Saturday morning Shift Manager, Sally Brunn, there were 71 attendees at the vigil this morning…and those were just the ones who signed her attendance log!  Thanks to everyone for coming out on a cold, rainy Saturday to pray for an end to abortion!  Here are some pictures that were sent to me from the morning shift today:

Much prayer at the vigl this morning!
Participants from St. Theresa and Sacred Heart

During the second shift, from 11am-3pm, we were blessed to have our website manager and Shift Manager, Timothy on duty.  I am so inspired by folks who are willing to sacrifice themselves for this cause.  Just yesterday, he was in the hospital…but he insisted on fulfulling his role as Shift Manager today!  Even with the cold and rainy weather, he was there!  Here is a picture of him with the group from South Hills Assembly and Journey Church.

Susan, Jill, Lori, Pauline and TimothyBelow are some photos from the last shift at the vigil today, when Jeannie was shift manager. We were cold and wet, but the Christian fellowship was warm. We sang hymns, and prayed together, and got many favorable comments from passerbys.Katie, Jeannie, Melissa, Mary Ellen, John and Joe
Katie, Joe, Melissa and Shift Manager, Jeannie
Katie, Joe, Nikki and Jeannie
Sing unto the Lord!

Blessings in Christ,


Story from Day 4, sent in By Susan from South Hills Assembly:
“The weather wasn’t the best with continual rain and colder temperatures. Winter boots, a long winter coat, gloves and a huge umbrella enable me to be warm and dry!

I distributed 5+ New Testaments to passersby who stopped to chat. I am always amazed at how receptive people are to being given a New Testament. Much more so than a gospel tract! Interesting, isn’t it?

I stood and smiled at people while praying under my breath. There happened to be a parade for African American Heritage Day that lasted two hours! Many of the organizations represented in the parade were christian organizations that were advertising on the sides of their vans about how they help the black community. Very nice. God is moving everywhere. My thoughts were, “I wonder if they realize that Planned Parenthood has decimated the black population over the decades?” as they passed by the very building where abortions take place.

I found that smiling disarmed most passersby, many smiled back. Later the shift manager asked me to hold a sign and I noticed that people pulled back when they noticed the sign. One group of men passed me while I was standing with 3 other vigil participants and the older man kind of smirked. The he kept looking back so I asked if he had any questions. He stopped and turned around to come back to us along with the other two men and asked why we oppose abortion. I answered that all human life is precious and valuable. He then went on to say something of the effect …1) if a child is abused by his natural parents, then it would have been better if that child had not been born, some parents are not fit to be parents, 2) if a 14 year old was raped, it would be better to abort. At the end of his conversation, the pain came out that his parents abused him and he called them ‘bastards’. He quickly walked away after that before any of us had a chance to respond. As you can see, his pain clouded his thinking in that he didn’t realize that abortion is the ultimate child abuse!

Then there was a young woman who obviously had an abortion that day and walked away in complete isolation crossing the street and going down the other sidewalk — all alone — hurting — regretting? relieved? Who knows. My heart and prayers went out to her. Another woman stood outside the clinic after her abortion and she looked a mess. Pauline tried to give her information on emotional healing but she refused. She looked so beat up and tired. I wish I could have hugged her but she had already refused Pauline’s help and we were leaving at the end of our shift.

Lastly, I thought I would like to have an opportunity to speak to the security guard who was opening the door for the women like a gentleman. What could he be thinking? He obviously thought he was helping women by allowing them access to PP. A black man too. Do they realize that Sanger wanted to get rid of all the negros via abortion? And then there was the PP employee who kept coming out and talking with him as they watched the parade. She came over and stood next to me under the dry awning and my smile opened her up. She mentioned that she thought the kids in the parade were too cute. I responded by saying, ‘all children and precious’. I don’t know if she realized that I was there praying for abortion to end. Maybe she would not have been so open.

From my experience that day, smiling made the difference! and possibly a good impression on the pro-choice folks too?

Such a great need! So many people…


Reflections on Day 4, by Margie from St. Mary’s parish in Butler:

Margie is the parish Respect Life coordinator with St. Mary’s Parish in Herman (Butler). Her parish was a sponsor at the Prayer Vigil Saturday, October 1, from 7am to 11am. This fall is the second Prayer Vigil Marge has attended. She said that she was impressed with the beauty of the praying and singing of the 25 to 35 people who attended during her 4 hours.

On the other hand, she said that the spirit of confrontation was, “Oh, my goodness, the worst I’d seen it.” A lot of people identified with Planned Parenthood shirts stood outside the front door, stood at the end of our lines “flanking us,” and escorted abortion “clients”. A police car parked, pointing the front of the cruiser at an angle at the prayer vigil participants. Two young men kissed each other on the mouth “in front of the priest” as vigil participants prayed the Rosary.

During the last week of September, Marge’s husband had surgery on his leg. She wondered if she should keep her commitment to the Prayer Vigil. She did. “I’m glad I did,” she said. “Satan never sleeps.” Marge invited parishioners to join her at the Vigil. “Few came. A lot of them are afraid. I don’t understand that,” she added. Marge is not afraid. She works at a nondenominational crisis center and has a prolife bumper sticker on her car. “Count me a prolife volunteer for as long as it takes.”

St. Mary’s in Herman, Butler

One thought on “Day 4, Many Prayer Warriors Today!

  • October 7, 2011 at 12:36 pm

    The following story was submitted by Pauline: On Saturday, Oct 1, a few of us from the South Hills chapter of the Allegheny County Pennsylvanians for Human Life (ACPHL) attended the vigil. That was Lori (our photographer), Jill (her first time), and I. Timothy, now out of the hospital, was our shift leader and Susan from South Hills Assembly of God was also there; then Don from the Knights of Columbus joined us. They were great company! It was a little miserable with the cold rain and VERY noisy since there was a Black Heritage parade going on (roads were closed off and it took us 25 minutes to find an open parking garage).

    One Pentecostal church group leader yelled encouragement to us from the parade, as did another gentleman later on.

    Later, we saw two women and a man come out of Planned Parenthood to smoke. I offered some Rachel’s Vineyard literature and the older woman came at me pointing her finger and yelling, “Don’t you do this to her!” I then realized that “her” was the younger woman and that she had just had an abortion. The younger woman shushed the older one (her mother?) and listened as I told her about the services available. She didn’t say anything, so I told her I would have the brochures “over there” if she was interested and then told her we would pray for her and her entire family, which we then did. She didn’t come and get a brochure, but I was glad she was willing to hear about Rachel’s Vineyard and that we had the opportunity to pray for this family. I admit I am still feeling disturbed about this, which is why I couldn’t write about it the first day. It was hard for me to put aside my despair at what had happened and reach out in Christ’s love despite it. It just happened in the blink of an eye – I don’t know how I was able to keep talking to her. And I did feel so sorry for her because I felt that she didn’t realize all the repercussions of what she had just done. But looking at the big picture, the truth is being spoken in many ways during 40 Days for Life, and babies ARE being saved all across this nation.

    Monday, Oct 3 was a little warmer and less rainy. Lori and I were representing Journey Church Assembly of God this time, and Father Tim’s Guardian’s for Life were already there singing and praying. It was an uneventful 2 hours for the most part. We had 2 pedestrians encourage us, and one foul-mouthed driver who thought we needed to “get a job”. I actually found this encouraging in a way, because it shows the dedication of the vigil participants. Unless you are deeply moved to do this, why would you take time on your days off (from work and family) to stand in the rain and pray?

    It was also interesting that in the 2 hours we were there, I only saw 2 people come out of Planned Parenthood, and I know that at least one (who went out, then in again) was an employee. It seemed that business was slow. Hmmm.

    For life,



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