Day 3, “Open Door” at Planned Parenthood Tonite

Wow, what a strange night at the vigil!  I was only there for the last hour, and I will tell you all about the surreal event that was taking place inside of Planned Parenthood tonight, but first, here are some photos from the vigil this morning, which was maintained by our shift managers, Sally and Al Brunn, and members of St. John Neuman parish from 9am-11am, and then Shift Manager Jim Flaherty and St. Joseph’s parish in Cabot from 11am-3pm.

Ron from St. John Neuman parish
Bob at his regular post
Sharon and Diane from St. John Neuman's parish, with Shift Manager SallyYoung participants from St. Joseph's parish in Cabot
Mary Kathryn, Julie and Rose
A family comes to pray, with Shift Manager, Melissa

As I was saying, I was only at the vigil for the last hour tonight, and what a strange hour it was!  The cultural district was bustling tonight, with the “Gallery Crawl” being hosted by many businesses.  I guess Planned Parenthood thought they would take advantage of all this publicity, and decided to open it’s doors to draw a crowd as well.  They had the doors propped open, with a sign that said “Free wine, cheese and Condoms”.  How’s that for hospitality?  Silly me, in all my years of hosting parties…I never once thought to offer condoms with the wine and cheese!  Here are some photos from tonight:

Joe, Mary Ellen, John, Julie and Shift Manager Sheila
Melissa and her mom went "under-cover"
Being a light in the darkness

Open Door at Planned Parenthood tonight

Anyway, one of our dedicated prayer warriors (and shift managers), Melissa…along with her mother, decided to go into Planned Parenthood (after all, it WAS an OPEN door!) to see what was going on inside.  They said there was obsene artwork for sale, pictures of female genitalia, along with tributes to Margaret Sanger and “Choice”…which somehow didn’t suprise me.  But, it struck me as very strange…macabre and twisted…for an ABORTION CLINIC to host an art showing!  This just goes to show that they really believe that what they are doing is perfectly legitimate!  They believe that they are an up-standing business, just like all the rest, and can join in with the Gallery Crawl.  I think our group of 9 people, holding signs and praying audibly put a slight cramp in their style tonight.  Many people entered Planned Parenthood tonight for the Gallery Crawl, and they all saw us praying before they walked in.  We were the voice for unborn life tonight, saying “This is not a legitimate business and this is not okay!”  I am glad there were a large crowd of us there tonight to be a witness for Christ, at such an evil place, to do our part in pulling back the false image that Planned Parenthood tries to portray to the community.  I admit that it was very strange, and there was much distraction, and it was hard to focus on prayer.  I wish there had been a pastor there, to lead us.  But, I am glad we were there.  Thanks to Sheila, our Shift Manger tonight, for standing in the cold rain and being there for the last shift tonight.  May God bless her, and all our Shift Managers, and all the folks who are sacrificing their time, comfort and pride to represent Christ at our 40 day vigil at Planned Parenthood!

Your sister,


3 thoughts on “Day 3, “Open Door” at Planned Parenthood Tonite

  • September 30, 2011 at 11:46 pm

    Most of us don’t give a damn what a few religious folks think is a “legitimate” business or not. So long as you continue to phrase your protest in religious terms, we’ll know you’ve given up on any attempt to reason, and will just continue to walk around you.

  • October 1, 2011 at 8:08 am

    Thank you all for standing in the cold rain on behalf of life, on behalf of us all! Good undercover work! Wish I was there too.
    God’s continued blessing on 40 days and all unborn and vulnerable people!

  • October 11, 2011 at 11:59 am

    The following comment was given by Cecelia, from St. Joseph’s parish in Cabot:
    I agree that we need not be discouraged! I know that hearts are changing, people are being helped and being healed because of the Vigil. In the few hours that I was there for our vigil, we were able to help ladies who had abortions in the past and needed healing. We were able to stop girls from entering PP and direct them to other centers (we don’t know if they were on their way to have an abortion, but if they had entered those doors, who knows what might have happened). We were able to share with some ladies info about contraception, their risks, and that some are “abortificants”. And we were able to make others aware of the horror taking place in their city by our presence, signs, flyers… I know that we accomplish so much more there then anywhere else which is why I am so supportive of the efforts.

    May God Bless you and all those who help make this vigil possible!



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