Day #1, St. Albert the Great & CIM Group at Christ Church

We are off to a good start on day #1!  I was blessed to begin our 40 day vigil at Planned Parenthood, sharing it with three dedicated warriors for life from St. Albert the Great in Baldwin.  Here are some photos of them:

Hank from St. Albert the Great

The next group to hold our vigil was the CIM (Cultural Impact Ministry) at Christ Church Grove Farm, lead by Pam Olivieri.  What a blessing to have met her!  Here is a photo of the first to arrive from her group:

CIM Group Christ Church (with Shift Manager Cathy)
Beth, son Noah, Pam and others from CIM at Christ Church, Grove Farm

As more photos and stories come in, we will be sure to post them here, to keep you connected to our vigil here in Pittsburgh!

In Christ,


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