Ready, Set….GO!

Our 40 day journey of intense prayer, fasting and vigil to end abortion begins tomorrow!  Have you decided what to fast from?Tens of thousands of Christians in over 300 cities will be participating, and I have no doubt that hundreds of babies will be saved!  Here in Pittsburgh we have 82 churches and/or groups that have committed to participate in our vigil at Planned Parenthood, and many individuals have also signed up to help us fill our 40 day vigil!  As of now, we have 100 hours still uncovered at the vigil.  I hope some folks will go to our website,, and click on the vigil schedule link and sign up for some hours!  Especially this Friday from 3-7 we really need help!  Also this Sunday afternoon we need help. 

I will leave you with this thought to begin our 40 days with; the battle to end abortion is a difficult one. As Americans, we are used to having things “pre-packaged” and “convenient”. 40 Days for Life can appeal to that part of us that likes things to be neat and tidy…easy and convenient. But let’s not be deceived…this battle is not neat or tidy, it is difficult and can get dirty. So let’s not be suprised if we encounter opposition and persecution. I don’t want to discourage or frighten anyone away, I just want us to be prepared. Make sure to put on your spiritual armour before  coming to the vigil. Make sure to remain peaceful and non-confrontational at all times. The enemy wants us to react in anger, so we can be stereotyped as violent, condemning, narrow-minded pro-life extremists. Therefore, we must bend over backwards to show the peaceful love of Christ to those who call themselves our enemies. And above all, let’s not get discouraged or give up. Let us remain in God’s word and in prayer, asking the Holy Spirit to continually renew and refresh us when we are tired. 

God bless you,

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