Summer Events

I hope you are all enjoying the summer!  Summer is SO much better than winter…isn’t it?  This post is just to let you know of the events that are scheduled for this summer, in preparation for our next 40 Days, which are September 28th – November 6th. 

Sunday, August 14th, 7 pm- 40 Days for Life Benefit Concert by Intent ( to benefit Pittsburgh’s fall campaign.  Concert will be held in the sanctuary (auditorium) of Word & Worship Church, located at 1200 Wolfe Avenue in North Braddock.  Come worship with us to the beautiful music of Intent, and support our fall 40 days!

Saturday, September 24th, 3 pm – 40 Days for Life Kick-Off Event!  Held at 917 Liberty Avenue (Phil’s Parking Lot).  Come, join in Christian fellowship as we prepare for 40 days of prayer, fasting and vigil to end abortion!  Intent will lead us in praise and worship, and we have many inspiring speakers lined up to motivate and encourage you.  Speakers include Fr. Tim Kruthaupt of Church of the Resurrection, Pastor Rick Paladin of Word & Worship Church, Pastor Shawn Kirkland of Living Word Church, and Rev. John Patterson.

Planning Meetings are held on Tuesday evenings at St. Paul’s Cathedral’s Synod Hall in Oakland.  Meeting will begin at 7pm, and are open to all who would like to help out with our fall campaign.  The dates for the planning meetings are as follows:

July 19th ~ August 9th ~ August 23rd ~ September 6th ~ September 20th.

Hope to see you soon! 


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